Stolen Signs Suddenly Re-appearing…In the Oddest Places!

On the social networking pages of the incumbent sheriff’s political supporters.  Shocking, I know…

And just as these signs start to pop up in places that no one in the campaign placed them, both former Saratoga mayor and council member, Chuck Page, (or the Honorable Chuck Page as he’s listed on the incumbent’s page of political hubris… honorable…LOL) and the campaign tool, Rich Robinson, have mentioned “illegally posted signs.”  Page was even so brilliant he took a picture after he planted the sign illegally and provided us all the proof that he’s a bumbling fool.

chuck page illegal sign
Come on, how bright does one have to be to provide the evidence against yourself on a social network these days?  The Jensen teams have been out putting signs up for weeks and weeks and you think they’re having such a problem finding people to host signs they have to stoop to illegal spots?  Look around you at all the legally placed signs, you can’t miss them.  Everyone we talk to is commenting on them and asking for their own.  I’m sure you had a great glimpse of a ton of signs tonight on the way to the Sheriff’s event in Saratoga tonight.  We made sure you did (we also had reports that there weren’t a lot of people who showed up to support the incumbent tonight!)  We have no shortage of legal locations to put up signs and everyone can smell your desperation.

What we can’t figure out is what the incumbent has promised the lot of you that makes it worth violating the law to get her re-elected as the person who should be arresting you for what you’re doing.  It has to be good.  You better hope I don’t find out what it is.

My suggestion to the Jensen and PAC groups putting out signs — when you spot one of these “illegally posted signs” put on a pair of latex gloves, get the sign and bring it in to be fingerprinted.  Let’s find out exactly which of the incumbents sleazy friends are willing to steal the signs and replace them in illegal locations.  That’s kind of how they caught the incumbents former friend, Shirakawa… being dumb enough to leave physical evidence behind.

And for you bright people BREAKING THE LAW TO SUPPORT THE LEAD LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL in the county by stealing signs and planting them illegally — we’ve already got one of you and have Morgan Hill PD looking into it.  We have several businesses and residents who have committed to turning over security footage of any stolen signs. Are you really doing to continue to play Russian roulette in this sleazy fashion?  Good.  Thank you for not only proving just how badly we need new leadership in the Sheriff’s office, but providing the picture as proof as well.

Voters, these kinds of games are for amateurs and people who don’t deserve our respect, never mind our vote.  Please remember to vote June 3 and cast your vote for a man of integrity, who is offering the community more than the administrative confusion we saw exhibited in the San Jose Inside article or the deliberate indifference the incumbent offered in response to internal problems offered to the public in the Palo Alto Daily interview (page 1, page 2).

  Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff of Santa Clara County.


4 thoughts on “Stolen Signs Suddenly Re-appearing…In the Oddest Places!

  1. Who is this idiot Chuck Page and who does he think he is? He twits & he tweets his intellectually myopic witticisms without a thought to how he sounds. He states, “Sheriff wannabe puts his sign in illegal places in Saratoga”. Why Chuck…..did you see Kevin Jensen place this sign himself, or are you like most politicians lying and just trying to garner favor?? Go on to twit, “Where Sheriff is our police force. Not smart.” Thank you for showing us you are no different from the plethora of other elected officials who are incapable of forming a cogent thought without the assistance from one of your staffers. You shoulda had one of your “people” proof read your twit prior to blithely posting it. Grammar may not count in your narrow corner of society, but it should. It was humorous of you to call Kevin Jensen “Not Smart” right after you neglected to form a complete sentence, tsk….tsk….tsk. It’s ok Chuck, we expect as little from our elected public officials as you so kindly demonstrated.

    In closing Chuck, you said it best on your 2014 election homepage:

    “The people of California need to be represented by people with Common Sense and the ability to act on behalf of the people, not the unions or political parties. California Deserves Better. Elect Chuck Page to Assembly District 28.”

    Unfortunately Chuck, just like your previous twit, you fall apart in the end. Californians (including members of the DSA and other Law Enforcement personnel) should be represented by people with common sense. Yes, Californians deserve better. That’s why your last line should read “Elect ANYONE other than Chuck Page.”

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  2. Desperate people do desperate things, as evidenced by the sudden loss of Kevin Jensen signs. Now they re-appear in areas that no KJ supporters would ever put them. Perhaps it’s the fear of losing that has the Sheriff’s supporters doing the illegal acts. The message, is it’s time for change, the change is Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.

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  3. Thank you to the geniuses in the opposition who are placing Kevin Jensen signs in illegal but highly visible locations. Yesterday I saw one in the I280/I880 interchange. Thousands of people will see this sign until Caltrans removes it and that is the point of lawn signs-name recognition for a candidate. To whom ever did this, had you been killed while performing a stupid illegal act in behalf of the top law enforcement officer in the County, you would have been eligible for a Darwin Award. So keep up the good work!


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