We are Casey and We are Watching

If you’re going to conduct a heist, at least make it worth the risk… I hope the payoff was good for these two, it was certainly good for me. 😉

sign_thiefThe incumbent and her friends are working hard to stem the tide of 1st amendment speech, but it’s never going to work for them.  The more they try to silence us, the louder we will get.  Recently, in broad daylight, a white female driving the above vehicle stopped the vehicle and a white male in the passenger seat, left the vehicle and stole a Kevin Jensen campaign sign.

No other physical description was provided, but was I told that witnesses watched the incident; the vehicle, vanity plate and the suspects actions were recorded and a police report will be filed.

It seems that Laurie Smith’s camp has already forgotten the humiliation of Rose Herrara, who sadly won the election she was running and is now thinking she’s qualified for Mayor of San Jose.  I guess if crooked is a qualification, and in the confines of Santa Clara County, it may well be….

If you have any information about this incident please notify the Morgan Hill Police Department. Even if you don’t, it sounds like there is enough information to ensure these two are:

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5 thoughts on “We are Casey and We are Watching

  1. Show us the plate. Report this crime to the appropriate authorities and see what kind of investigation is performed. Laurie can try to kill the investigation, like she does when her favorites are caught red handed, or someone can pay for their actions.

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    • I’m sure a few calls will be made by minions. the words “not enough resources” or “it’s a misdemeanor” hopefully will not be used here to determine whether to investigate. I hope people keep calling to make sure something is done.

      I’m sure if it was the other way around laurie, minions, the robinson character and that lawyer lady who has an office on her floor would make sure it was known who was responsible yesterday.


    • It is my understanding that a report was filed with Morgan Hill PD about the incident. What will happen from there, I do not know. Hopefully we find out. If they’re closely associated as a supporter of the incumbent, I hope that it is publicized.

      I am not going to publicize the plate number at this time, we’ll see what happens with MHPD and future information as this progresses. I reserve the right to change my mind on that.


  2. Scared people do stupid things like remove campaign signs and make up lies. It’s time for change, a fresh face who is qualified to do the job and is supported by both his colleagues and the public. Time for a new Sheriff named Kevin Jensen.

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  3. Wow, probably not going to be hard to ID the person responsible. Most of admin, I believe lives in Morgan Hill.

    Hopefully it’s someone who wanted it to place it on their lawn.

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