Speaking for the Victims – Marc Klaas Endorses Kevin Jensen

Today at noon, the Santa Clara County DSA and CPOA will be having a joint press conference with Crime Victims United in front of the SCC Sheriff’s Office to announce CVU’s support for Kevin Jensen in this election.  The support for Kevin Jensen and change in our office continues to grow in the victim advocacy community with a letter written by Marc Klaas, President of KlaasKids Foundation.

Many of you may have read my post, “When a Victim Has No Voice.”  Mr. Domingo, a retired LEO and long time volunteer for KlaasKids, eloquently spoke for Sierra Lamar and the lack of cooperation that has gone into searching for her from the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office.  When a victim is unable to speak for themselves, for whatever reason, they need people to advocate their cause.  These two organizations have worked advocating and speaking for the victims of crimes for decades.

Sadly, when the Sheriff’s leadership on some of these cases came into question, she chose to attack the victims and the people who stand up as their voice rather than offer answers to the public. These criticisms of Laurie Smith’s failure to act come from people who have years of experience in these kinds of investigations, and have worked with agencies across the nation.

Our Sheriff often touts her credentials with her POST work, you can find it as the top link under her rather sparse “news” tab on her campaign website.  What she doesn’t directly mention is that she was a POST Commissioner that helped to oversee the development of the curriculum for Missing Persons Investigations in 2007. In theory, this means that our sheriff knew better, however proceeded in a manner detrimental to the overall investigation and search for a young missing child in her jurisdiction.

Both these organizations are speaking officially in their capacity to support Kevin Jensen.

Mr. Klaas has written a letter (posted below, redacted to protect the innocent) in support of Kevin Jensen and new leadership for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office, saying the current leadership is failing in it’s directive.  Mr. Klaas’ letter makes clear the lack of cooperation that has brought the leader of one of the premier child advocacy groups in the country to speak out in this local election:




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  1. Marc Klaas: Sheriff “Stonewalled” Search for Sierra LaMar – NBC News Damian Trujillo

    The endorsement of Kevin Jensen from Harriet Salarno, Founder of Crime Victims United, and Marc Klaas, KlaasKids Foundation, speak volumes for the victims in Santa Clara County about what they are missing.

    The response from the Sheriff’s Smith’s campaign political consultant once again brushes aside the severity of this case. “Stonewalled” is a very strong description, yet does not reach to the heart of the matter of this tragedy. This one incident within the Sheriff’s Office demonstrated how absolutely inept the Administration handled the case from the perspective of the deputies and still does. If there was ever an audit completed on this case it would read like a Shakespearean play of mismanagement, poor choices, countless hours of over time spent on deputies who did nothing more than sit on a street to be “visible” countless hours wasted. Briefings with other police agencies only to have the Sheriff’s Office not provide them with briefing information to assist. Maybe those other agencies coming to assist were also misinformed, definitely uninformed after the briefings, maybe even “Stonewalled” as well.

    Information was not shared in this case. Not shared between police agencies, not shared between investigators and not shared with those who were told to go out and collect the information.


  2. I truly hope at some point in this race for the elected Sheriff of Santa Clara County there will be some sort of public debate on the issues being brought forth. I think the public and the employees who work there have the right to hear from each candidate directly regarding what he/she has to offer and what their vision for the future is. How else can you gaurantee people are not “mis-informed”?


  3. I want to thank all the members, civilians and family and friends that showed up to today’s press conference. I would like to send a very special thank you to retired CPOA member, Marcin Gruzseki for offering his time and talents to memorialize this events with some beautiful camera shots!

    Sadly, Sheriff Smith’s political guy, the same one that labeled us, “Keystone Kops” has struck again. This time he refers to us as the “Mis-informed” and now they are starting to attack victim advocacy groups that have supported Kevin Jensen.

    I believe that the Sheriff’s camp is lashing out at these various groups due to fear. There is momentum growing for Jensen, there is truth being spread, there is courage amongst the members and community that is getting people of the fence and into the fray. A few years ago, no one would have dared gone against the political machine that is Sheriff Smith. But now, with the right candidate and that right reasons, us lowly “Mis-informed” are turning out in droves!

    I’m honored and proud to be standing alongside all of you.

    Lance Scimeca


    • It would be very nice if this was in mercury news. People really should know about Circus Smith.


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