Refusing to Answer is Not a Response

I’ve gotten news today that Sheriff Laurie Smith is avoiding answering requests to appear in forums and debates that would put her up against Kevin Jensen in a public venue.

Today, Danielle Pirslin of FOP Lodge 52 posted her blog about how she participated in the San Jose Mayor’s Forum recently and found it “entertaining” and “huge success.” She goes on to note that in this debate season, the only debate that hasn’t happened is a Sheriff’s debate.  A debate that isn’t likely to end in a run off race with only two candidates so will be determined in the June 3rd vote.  Danielle points out that all invitations have been sent out and responses received… from all but one, Sheriff Laurie Smith.  Danielle further hits the nail on the head with this:


When a Candidate refuses to participate or fails to show up at a forum with debates like this, it suggests a disrespect for the voters and is frustrating to those who really care about our city’s future. To have a cynical attitude or a sense of entitlement to the position without a challenge, competition or debate to earn votes from the public is ignorant and demonstrates weakness, not strength. This could even send the message to the public the candidate has something to hide and fears the truth will come out in a debate to expose them. 
The sheriff, from all reports, has been in hiding.  She’s not appeared in the office and the last public appearance that we’re aware of was weeks ago.  There is another organization that had a committed date for a debate in south county, but they have expressed concern from the beginning that she would not show.  Now we’re hearing, of all the organizations, that she is refusing to appear in a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.It appears that the Sheriff holds the same view of debates as her campaign manager, Rich Robinson, that people don’t need to know where their candidates stand if a candidate has the hubris to believe they’re the better candidate based on what they did 16 years ago, why should they appear before the little people
Debates make no difference in campaigns, especially in races where one candidate is so strong, that to share a stage with their opponent is a waste of time for the electorate and themselves. The marginal candidates relish the attention of being seen as an equal, if only for a short period of time. They also gain a forum to spout their tin-hat grievances, conspiracies and simplistic solutions to complex problems facing society. — Rich Robinson, April 3, 2014, San Jose
It’s pretty apparent at this point the Sheriff doesn’t think enough of those who can’t donate or further her campaign in some manner to actually answer their questions.  Fair enough.  We don’t think enough of her to cast a vote in her favor.We have a better alternative, Kevin Jensen.

3 thoughts on “Refusing to Answer is Not a Response

  1. It would be hard to show up at a workplace where 90+ percent of your workforce has no respect for you.
    Try to explain the use of floppy disks and report writing systems from the Stone Age. Police cars with 120,000+ miles being driven by the patrol division and new cars being driven by those that don’t need them. How about botching the investigation of a major terrorist attack at a power plant. Clowns should be in a circus, not running a Sheriff’s Office.


  2. She won’t debate because she knows what we all know. She is not competent and competence should be the minimum standard!

    We wouldn’t want the communities we serve to know what everyone working in the sheriff’s office already knows, now would we? Her entire administration is based on making poor decisions and hiding behind the “needs of the department” clause or just passing the blame.

    The sheriff is MIA at the office and fails to lead! In my 12 years she has never addressed the troops! Lead, follow or get out of the way.

    Time for change, Time for a better sheriff’s office. The most affected are the communities we serve. Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014.


  3. One could only hope she would come out and have a debate. The real keystone cop would be exposed.

    At least laurie is consistently M.I.A….. Love to see all the Jensen signs EVERYWHERE and no Laurie signs ANYWHERE


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