If it’s Broken, Fix it

Over the last several months I have repeatedly heard, “who is Kevin Jensen?”  Or “why don’t the deputies support the sheriff?” or “If the unions support the challenger I support the other guy.”

Many voters don’t even know they can vote for the Sheriff of Santa Clara County.  Many are not aware of the responsibilities of the Sheriff for the county.  This is a sad fact when the Sheriff in Santa Clara County is the only elected County wide law enforcement official.  The question that really should be asked is why does no body understand the role of the sheriff’s office within the county?

From my point of view the reason is because the Sheriff’s Office does not reach out into the community.  The Sheriff’s Office when faced with a large scale investigation that any other area would gladly accept the assistance from civilian and other investigative and law enforcement agencies, closed their doors and did not seek assistance of those offering to help.

I have watched Nationally televised criminal cases, when other missing children are being searched for you see an overflow of support from the investigating agency and those supporting the effort and assist in the search.  Let’s take for example the Sierra Lamar case.  We watch interview after interview of this case where only the Sheriff or the spokesperson is there.  What we see is only those from the Sheriff’s Office present in their Class A uniforms and the Sheriff (never in uniform) speaking about the case.  When you see the family or other organizations speak on the topic you don’t see representation from the Sheriff’s Office.

During the interviews with the incumbent we hear about how the suspect was being tracked “around the clock,” by deputies.  But, what is not mentioned is that the deputies assigned to covertly follow the suspect were never trained in covert surveillance and were made within a day of starting their surveillance.  We don’t hear about the suspect waving to those Under Covers following him on the news, but that is what happened.  Reminds me of the scene from “Beverly Hills Cop”  Maybe that is why Rich Robinson labeled the deputies keystone cops.  We don’t hear about the three, four or five times the deputies were sent back to the same neighborhoods to interview the same people repeatedly by the “competent” administration, not people of interest to find conflicting information, but regular neighbors who just live in the area.  How many more neighbors could have been canvassed, when these deputies were being sent back to the same area to ask the same questions?  We keep hearing from deputies that they don’t receive training or appropriate leadership.  We hear from the incumbent and administration how the investigations are coordinated and appropriate.  The facts of how things happen are starting to come out and it shows that the deputies are doing the best they can with what they have and what they have is ineffective, inefficient, incapable leadership.

We are now hearing from those deputies who have remained silent.  The information we are hearing is not what we want to hear, that things are broken on the inside of the Sheriff’s Office.  This information should the raise concerns of the public.  We are hearing from a group of people who are known for their silence and are now speaking out.  This is something that is so uncommon that the truth is sounding like some pulp fiction novel.   Why are the deputies speaking out now and have not over the last 16 years?  It is because the deputies have someone they can believe in.  Someone that can do the right thing and get those deputies out into the field the proper training to do their jobs and proper leadership to act on the job.


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  1. You might notice that several of those endorsing Kevin Jensen work at South Bay Regional Center. Several of those also ended up on less than positive terms before/after leaving the Sheriff’s Office. Read these donation forms and see the very bottom listings.


    Some on this list are looking at ?????? http://www.sherifflauriesmith.com/supporters/


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