Time has Come

I’ve been aware that a couple of cop hate groups have been running around posting my blog URL everywhere as if I stand with them.  I guess since some blogger today in a desperate political sweat to impress Sheriff Laurie has attempted to connect the dots, it’s time for me to unconnect them.

Unfortunately I have no control over who links to me and who posts my URL or how they affiliate themselves with what we have to say here.  I think most people are smart enough to figure that out, but it appears we have a few people that are a little slow on the uptake of how things work.

Let me make clear, I don’t stand with people who say that all cops are bad.  I don’t stand with people who call those who wear uniforms the most evil in the world.  I have been asked by several of these groups to support them, to post items for them, I will not do so.

I don’t know where the idea comes from that it is acceptable to blame all for the actions of one in law enforcement.  Yes, we have bad eggs.  Yes, we sometimes have to work harder than most to get rid of them.  This election indicates that we are trying to do just that, not sit idly by.  We in meantime, for doing what the community always accuses us of not doing are being called “keystone kops” and “losers” and “haters” for stepping foot forward.  But we fortunately realize the people calling the good, hardworking deputies those names are political lapdogs of the sheriff who clearly are showing us they have something to lose if we unseat her.  What?  No more fun at the gun range on the tax payer dime with a Sheriff Jensen?  The helicopter will only be used for law enforcement purposes with a Sheriff Jensen?  We don’t care about the loss of those out there name calling — we care about the communities of Santa Clara County that we’re responsible for.

I want you to know, I will not demean the good and hard work of the deputies I know that do an incredible job every day by associating with these groups.   I think that we can do a much better job working together with community and with groups like Crime Victims United of California and people who have come forward that volunteer for Klaas Kids Organization, groups trying to truly affect our communities for the better standing along side us, than groups that pump out hate posters on a regular basis….
Speaking of groups standing along side us.. DSA and CPOA members and your families, please remember, we need you Friday morning to stand along side us as we have a very important press conference.  Contact the DSA for time and location if you did not receive the information for some reason.  Wear your Jensen gear!

Now that I’ve distracted you from my real purpose today, please don’t forget to read my blog post from earlier today: What is a Foe?


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