Everyone Go 10-8

By Brian Rauschhuber, Campaign Planning Manager-Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. I come from the high-technology world so my perspective into the level of training, skill and personal bravery it takes to kick the door on a suspected felon, not knowing if on the other-side is an armed person, is unfathomable. The strength of character necessary to work in the jail is remarkable. The type of courage it takes to deal with circumstances involving children and maintaining ones composure to “get the job done” is a fortitude that few ever have to experience! You all do that.

So why did the Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers’ Association (SCCPOA) and the Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) overwhelmingly endorse Kevin Jensen over the 16-year incumbent Laurie Smith? When a leader fails to create a culture of trust, the workplace suffers. A lack of firm, fair, and consistent leadership causes (what could otherwise be strong-performing staff) apprehension about approaching their leaders and not trusting themselves to make decisions for fear of being second guessed for disciplined. A lack of trust and fear of reprisal is prevalent in the workplace when subordinates are subjected to a leader that feels threatened and undermined by questions, or alternative ideas and solutions.

Consider the community. How many incidents have occurred where the response led by the incumbent Sheriff was more about “image” than actively and aggressively engaging the investigation? Sierra La Mar, Audrie Potts and most recently the Metcalf PG&E possible terrorist incident (http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_25072628/attack-pg-e-substation-sparks-concerns-about-possible) are just a few examples of misguided emphasis. Talking to other community members, we are dismayed that an aggressive investigation didn’t occur in these circumstances. Was evidence missed? Could someone have been found if in the first several hours more adequate action was taken?

We look to you all in Law Enforcement to protect us. This means even from circumstances caused within the department that cause poor performance in policing. Is there a difference in failing to chase down an active felon and standing by and watching poor administration tear the department apart?

I hear and witness circumstances where some Deputies and Correctional Officers are afraid of the incumbent finding out that they support Kevin Jensen. Where does this fear come from? It has to be a different type of fear, because you all fight the good fight day in and day out. I suggest this fight is no different. When you look in the mirror, will you be able to say, you gave it your all? Can you say you stood for what was right? What would you say to your children when they ask you how to stand up to bullies in school? Do you tell them to be quiet, not to rock the boat? Or would you tell them to stand up and be heard?

Think about where the source of the poor leadership comes from. These aren’t traits of a proven effective leader, these are traits and actions of a person who is afraid the truth will be found out. Why are the actions of the incumbent so polarizing? The incumbent has said, “there will be mud-slinging”. Why? Kevin doesn’t come with a closet full of skeletons, but I’ve been told the incumbent has developed quite the laundry list of many hidden or soon not to be hidden examples of poor judgment. It’s the incumbent that is worried about mud-slinging, in her direction.

For many years there has been a progressively deteriorating lack of leadership at the Sheriff’s Office. Many inter-agency activities are also no longer supported due to the leadership in place. There is a growing list of law enforcement employee associations, retired Chiefs, Captains and other Law Enforcement leaders that recognize this void, thus explaining their decision to endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff. The members of these associations TRUST Kevin Jensen, because they know him as a man of INTEGRITY, a PROVEN LEADER and someone they want to LEAD them. Most of these Deputies and Correctional Officers have worked side-by-side with Kevin throughout their careers; where he worked beside them, supervised them, managed them and led them.

Kevin Jensen is the type of leader this County needs, and is the right person to work with the personnel under his leadership. He will extend his hand of cooperation to bring forth the necessary changes to improve the morale and correct the deteriorating problems from within the Sheriff’s Office. Kevin Jensen is also the type of leader that will engage the peer Police Organizations to foster mutual cooperation and develop strategic vision for Countywide policing necessary in the 21st Century.

Kevin Jensen is a person with exceptional character, extensive local and state law enforcement experience, and is the right person to lead the Santa Clara County Sheriff Office. I hope he can count on your vote to give him the opportunity to improve the quality of life of our residents by improving the quality of the organization charged with protecting and serving our County.

Don’t leave any regrets about this election. As they say, let’s leave it all on the field. What can you do? Be vocal, be active and be present. Let your fellow Deputies and Correctional Officers know you support this change in leadership. Post a Jensen for Sheriff sign at your home, this way your neighbors, the very people who look up to Law Enforcement, will know you support Kevin. This time is your time, this fight is your fight, this cause is just. The person you support is the right person at the right time to begin to foster much needed community policing, etc. Become involved in the campaign, help us by walking and distributing flyers, your neighbors see you as engaged and they see this as important. He needs your vote and your neighbors vote this June 3rd.

Get to know Kevin Jensen more by visiting his website, www.kevinjensenforsheriff2014.com and follow his activities on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KevinJensenForSheriff2014. If you believe, like many of us that a change is in need, Contribute to Kevin Jensen’s campaign or if you can’t give but just want to support his campaign, register with Kevin’s Campaign through the website.


About the Author – Brian Rauschhuber is a born and raised native of Santa Clara County, he worked 25 years at Apple Inc in various regional and global executive positions. He is currently a Bay Area CEO and Professional Business Consultant and holds a Master Degree in Management. He is on Kevin Jensen’s Campaign team as the Campaign Planning Manager.


One thought on “Everyone Go 10-8

  1. The time is now. Only two months to the election.

    Today your co-workers took to the streets in the pouring rain and distributed information about Kevin Jensen. Others were at the DSA Office making phone calls. I want to thanks those helping to spread the word to make a positive change.

    It’s time for everyone take an hour or two after each shift or before heading in for your shift and pass out door hangers in your neighborhoods. Once you’ve covered your neighborhood go over to the next. Cardio is great for chasing down the bad guys.

    For those deputies at the courts take an hour or two and walk over to the DSA office and make some phone calls before heading home. We have the month of April to introduce all those absentee voters to Kevin Jensen before they return their ballot.


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