When She Has Nothing Left, The Sheriff Attacks the Victims

When you have nothing left, you attack the victim. That is the notoriously, nauseating tactic of defense attorneys everywhere. It couldn’t be my clients fault, it must be the fault of the victim.

These are the issues that will make people look at our Sheriff and realize she has failed to carry out her directive, that she has failed to understand the job of Sheriff, and that she has failed to put the needs of the community above her political desires.  This is the blog you share, this is the blog you tell people about — the one that shows people that the incumbent, Laurie Smith, has failed at her job and is now using her media friends to lash out at those very organizations that would point that out in an attempt to prevent the public from realizing just how poor a job our incumbent has been doing for us.

It’s not an uncommon defense ploy to attack the victims of crime, but you would expect more from the Sheriff and her buddy Pulcrano over at SJI.  You would expect a sheriff to, at the very least, not be the entity lashing out at the victims of crime, even if they successfully did nothing else.  She’s sitting there right now, as she reads this, hoping you don’t finish, that you don’t click all the links to all the media and documents showing that these aren’t empty accusations, that you actually buy into the fact that she doesn’t have a couple of guys behind local media giving her free space for mud-slinging at the victims of her incompetence.

The endorsement for Kevin Jensen from Crime Victims United hurts Sheriff Laurie.  It shores up the argument that 19 different law enforcement groups in the county have been arguing — Sheriff Laurie is not doing her job.  It comes from outside the law enforcement community, yet from an organization knowledgeable about what is involved and at risk here. Sheriff Laurie has to attack them now, despite them being a past endorser of hers, now they are questionable victims, their endorsement up for sale now that it’s not come to her. But Sheriff Laurie, when you abandon the victims of crime for political cronyism, that’s what happens, they look for improvements to the system in order to better protect the next victims from being re-victimized by the system.

The victims of Santa Clara County no longer support you, Sheriff Laurie. Law enforcement doesn’t support you, and if what I’m hearing in the backrooms is true, while you may have the endorsement of some local politicians on your fancy political endorsements list, you do not have all their votes.

Sheriff Laurie has less and less support from the people who elect her.  It shows in the endorsement, it shows in the victims groups that have protested your events. And all with good reason — you have failed at supporting, arguably the one group that you should be behind at all times. You can accuse me and whomever else you want of making “dishonest allegations” but the reality is, they are not false, nor are they particularly mine.  As we can see, they are the allegations of your own local media that is supposed to be responsibly reporting to the people, and occasionally, when your political friends aren’t interfering, that’s what they do.

Stooping down to stating the endorsement of a state level victims group was “purchased” or influenced inside because some of the deputies support the group — a stunning reach for the bottom of the barrel, in my opinion. Because we know that crime victim’s groups don’t have any real interest in what kind of job a Sheriff does, right? It’s about the money to them, right? I find it somewhat ironic that you believe they would put money first over their intended goal of helping victims, considering that you regularly put your budget above the needs of victims of crime in your county. We all remember the rape at De Anza and how you allowed a captain to shove the investigation under the rug so your budget wasn’t impacted by sending out a detective on overtime, even while you ended up spending more money on the PR campaign to hide what you allowed. That was just the beginning of your public image of being a Sheriff who gave a damn starting to crumble. The first insight to the public that you really were just another bureaucrat climbing the ladder, not giving a damn about the actual job of law enforcement.  Good people left the agency over that case, while you allowed bad people to promote or quietly retire out on their 30 year pension even though they didn’t deserve it, putting that young girl last on their list of concerns.

You’ve blithely accused people like me of character assassination and throwing around questionable allegations, but the information we bring to the public comes right from the sources now spinning wildly trying to support Sheriff Laurie, not things we’ve made up of whole cloth, actual circumstances that have been reported on, in some cases even by your own friends.

Aldon Smith getting special treatment  from a sheriff looking for political favors for her “Advisory Board.”  And our Sheriff, not only stating that Smith was invited, AND trying to hide she failed to investigate what the DA’s office investigated and best yet, that, and I quote, Sheriff Laurie would “do it again.” It’s always good to know that your elected Sheriff openly admits to refuse to investigate gun charges, happily releases celebrities early on DUI charges and give a person under felony investigation special access to law enforcement and weapons — but to hear it from her own mouth, spit out at the reporter with derision and disrespect for the ethical behavior the public expects, simply priceless.  I have to admit here, I made a mistake.  We should have kept our mouth’s shut and let you bury yourself with Aldon Smith at the Hero’s Run.  Not that it would have been anything more than icing on the cake, but it certainly would have showed the public how little respect you have for the taxpayer when it comes to pulling off political stunts to benefit yourself.

Audrie Pott, where your Captain openly stated to Rolling Stone magazine that they put off the investigation of the sexual assault and death of a young girl for a week. I quote from page 3 of the article, “In the wake of Audrie’s death, Saratoga police [Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office] agreed with school administrators to wait until the following week, September 17th, to initiate an investigation to “allow students, friends and staff to mourn and grieve.” A week to grieve, a week to destroy evidence, but even at that point the investigation was undermined, sending in an SRO to only write citations. The investigation was so badly botched and took so many months after the delay and attempt to protect certain politically affiliated individuals with “citations” for sexual assault, that Audrie’s justice was 2 of her attackers spending a handful of weekends in jail, and the worst offender spending 45 days in jail.  What price do you think the Crime Victims would expect to overlook that offensive bit of information, Laurie?

Sierra Lamar, 15 years old, missing, her clothes found on the side of the road in her Juicy bag, her phone found separately, tossed out in the opposite direction as her planned path to school the charger still in her room at home. Sgt. Cardoza stated to ABC News at that point, it was being treated as a missing person case, “…we don’t have information or evidence associating a crime with her being missing.” No odd calls on her cell, no plans to take off with friends on her computer, but an unwillingness to increase the investigative resources clearly stated to the news — why?  Because the Sheriff didn’t want to impact her budget looking for some one else’s 15 year old. Sierra has yet to be found to this day and her accused murderer has sat in jail, untried for nearly two years now. All this failure on a missing person case, despite the incumbent being a POST Commissioner that helped to oversee the development of the curriculum for Missing Persons Investigations.  Document after document from court appearances showing that the hold up may well have been the lack of organization in coordinating getting evidence to the defense attorneys by the Sheriff’s Office. Again, not me making these allegations, the courts own paperwork here.  From beginning to end, the incumbent not only shows she is incapable of organizing an investigation to the very standards she oversees the development of at the state level, but incapable of managing evidence that will convict criminals of their crimes against the people of Santa Clara County.

In interviews, over and over,  the disdain the incumbent has for the ethics of the office comes through clear (part 1, part 2, part 3) — dismissing accusations that the Audrie Pott case was any thing but a “great job” despite the delays, drug out process, loss of evidence and ultimately and remarkably insignificant sentences of the convicted attackers.  Even in her own office, she turned Kevin Jensen into a victim of bullying by her own staff.  Blatantly blowing off a situation that at best the county law enforcement computers were compromised and she didn’t care or at worst, her own administrators attacked and prevented one of their own from doing their job. The job the taxpayers paid him to do, because in her mind a democratically held election in light of all the above, is nothing more than a “coup” against her. Again, not my words… those are her very own words in the Palo Alto news.  We don’t have to throw around questionable allegations, all we have to do is point out to what you and your own people have said to the press, as you can see here.

I’m curious, if Sheriff Laurie was such a great Sheriff to the victims of crime in this county, do you think that $2500 would buy an endorsement away from her? Do you think that she herself could have gotten the endorsement of a victim’s group at any price given the above, that somehow this endorsement was torn out from under her due to some one else’s monetary gain?  Do you really believe for a second that with all the above, and much more, that Crime Victims United’s  endorsement could have gone any other way?  Are we supposed to fall over and believe these empty accusations launched by the Sheriff and her toolbox simply because she says it’s so?

It’s bad enough when the victim is attacked in the courtroom by the defense as an argument or justification, it’s bad enough when the justice system is fraught with empty accusations directed at victims so that someone may get away with a criminal act — but when the Sheriff pulls out her media toolbox and begins attacking the victims of crime in the same manner because they endorsed her challenger, it really, truly is time for change.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  The incumbent states on her campaign page that she “…has an outstanding record in the California law enforcement community.”  I am still waiting for her to provide any evidence whatsoever that any part of the law enforcement community is in support of her record as a law enforcement leader.

If all of this leaves a bad taste in your mouth, know there is a solution, there is an answer, there is something better.  You can vote for Kevin Jensen for Sheriff, you can bring not only integrity and honesty back to the office, but an elected leader who cares about the community and values convicting a criminal over saving 20 hours over overtime to make his budget look good.

Vote on June 3, 2014,
Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff



3 thoughts on “When She Has Nothing Left, The Sheriff Attacks the Victims

  1. Casey, spot on again. The fact the incumbent cares little about victims should be of no surprise. She has displayed a pattern of callousness and neglect towards her own people for years. Why would the noble group of victim advocates be treated any different?

    Just look at how the incumbent allowed two of her own female employees to be sexually harassed by two different executive managers. And you wonder what happened to the victim employees? One is still employed (traded a lawsuit for chevrons) and the other one was medically retired as a result.

    What happened to the aggressor/managers? Both allowed to retire with full pensions and praises from the incumbent. In fact she even brought one back to conduct backgrounds! Double dipping and working for the very same employee he harassed!

    This type of behavior would not be tolerated at any modern and progressive law enforcement agency but were not talking about that…were talking about Laurie’s Playground.

    This must stop, we need Kevin Jensen.



  2. The De Anza “rape” case should have been her downfall. She couldn’t accept the fact that both the DA and the AG’s office knew the case had no merit, then she had to politicize it. Then she showed her hatred for the media when they confronted her with the Aldon Smith debacle. Her reputation should hasten her demise.


  3. A proud and “HONORARY MARINE” once said in the 60’s show Gomer Pyle, “FER SHAME, FER SHAME, FER SHAME!!!” Sheriff Laurie should be ashamed of her performance.


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