Great Job This Weekend

The past few days have been very good Kevin Jensen’s campaign efforts from our perspective.   A very important endorsement from a community organization that recognizes the need for positive, pro-active and affective law enforcement came out in support of Kevin Jensen as our next sheriff.

On top of that, over the past few hours I’ve gotten word from several people who were out walking for Kevin’s campaign or the PAC over the weekend.  Sounds like the interactions with the community on all sides were extremely positive.  While the incumbent may be well entrenched, it appears she isn’t very well known by those in the community without money or political ties.  Many people were asking to hear more about Kevin Jensen and what he would offer the county.  All we can do is ask voters to consider the options with a critical and fair eye, and by the accounts I received,  we’re getting a welcome reception to that idea.

The icing on the cake though, that I heard from everyone I talked too — citizens were impressed that they were talking to actual deputies who work for the county and not just hired workers to hand out swag and walk the neighborhoods talking to people.  It made an impression that those who work for the county felt strongly enough about change to invest their own personal time and effort into talking to them.

It makes an impact on people when you’re willing to put your own blood, sweat and tears into an effort and it appears that it is working to our benefit already.

So I would like to extend a thank you and keep up the good work to those deputies and their families who gave up precious free time on a spectacular weekend to show just how strongly they feel about bringing new leadership to the Sheriff’s office.  Your efforts are appreciated by everyone involved.


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  1. I was out doing my part this weekend and I can say our efforts were very positive. I had contact with a friend of one of the upper administrators and he said he would be voting for Kevin Jensen based off what he knows. The word is getting out and people are excited about an opportunity to get a better Sheriff! Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014

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