Critical Endorsement Comes Through for Kevin Jensen

I try to keep an eye on the various pages covering the campaign and their updates.  Today I found a new endorsement that I feel has a significant impact on this race and what it’s about.

One of the issues that I have pushed on my blog is the abhorrent record our incumbent sheriff has in responding to victims.  Crime after crime, her attitude seems to be that it’s about the money, about the cost of overtime, about the fact the crime is done and over and nothing her office can do will change that.  The driving force behind my appearance was the De Anza rape case.  Since that atrocious failure we have seen the failure to respond appropriately in many cases — Sierra Lamar, Audrie Pott, the Metcalf attack and more.

Victims of crime deserve a better response from their law enforcement agency than they’ve gotten in this county.  Yes, budget is always an issue for any business, government agency, household, etc.  But the taxpayers endow the Santa Clara County  Sheriff’s Office with over $300M a year with the expectation that the administration of our law enforcement can properly balance the costs of a handful of hours in overtime vs. properly investigating the rape or kidnapping of a young woman, or a potential terror attack on our infrastructure.

Crime Victims United of  California has recognized that the better choice for victims of crime in this county is Kevin Jensen.  Their backing reinforces the important message that we can do better and we need better leadership to get there.

Join me, the DSA, the CPOA, many other law enforcement associations within the county and state, and now Crime Victims United of California in supporting our next Sheriff, Kevin Jensen.

From the Kevin Jensen Campaign Endorsements web page:

Dear Mr. Jensen,

[3/20/14] On behalf of Crime Victims United of California (CVUC), it is my pleasure to inform you of our endorsement for your election as the Santa Clara County Sheriff. Our Board of Directors met last week and unanimously voted to place you on our consent calendar due to your strong stance on victims’ rights issues.

As you know, CVUC is a bi-partisan, statewide organization comprised of victims of crime, law enforcement officials, legal professionals and others who work to protect and enhance public safety. These professionals, along with CVUC, work to promote effective crime reduction measures and strengthen the rights of crime victims.

Harriet Salarno, President/Chair CVUC


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