To Celebrate 110,000 hits: A Repost of the Law

In honor of the post by Deputy’s Wife, 110,000 hits (in ~30 hits) and the fact that it clearly needs to be said again because the problem is getting worse rather than better:

California Government Code Section 3204
No one who holds, or who is seeking election or appointment
to, any office or employment in a state or local agency shall, directly or indirectly, use, promise, threaten or attempt to use, any office, authority, or influence, whether then possessed or merely anticipated, to confer upon or secure for any individual person, or to aid or obstruct any individual person in securing, or to prevent any individual person from securing, any position, nomination, confirmation, promotion, or change in compensation or position, within the state or local agency, upon consideration or condition that the vote or political influence or action of such person or another shall be given or used in behalf of, or withheld from, any candidate, officer, or party, or upon any other corrupt condition or consideration. This prohibition shall apply to urging or discouraging the individual employee’s action.

I would love to see her attempt to justify some of her recent personnel assignments, if anyone would hold her feet to the fire.

Need a yard sign to support Kevin Jensen?  Contact the Jensen campaign or the DSA/CPOA PAC for one.  Following those links you can also find pages to volunteer your time, host a fundraiser or help get Kevin Jensen elected in other ways.  Remember, both organizations are legally separated so to get on both their volunteer schedules, you must sign up for both.  You can donate a maximum of $1000 to the Jensen Campaign, you can contribute any amount you wish to the DSA/CPOA PAC.

All efforts are appreciated and welcome, regardless if you are a part of the DSA/CPOA.  This is a community effort to bring a better agency to the communities in the county.

FYI, if you’ve not notice, I’ve added some updates to the calendar – you can like our Facebook page on the right, as well as scroll down and see how long we have to get Kevin Jensen’s name into the mainstream (Yikes!).  I’ve also added “likes” to individual comments, if you care to “like” individuals comments.  Also, a couple of responses to earlier posts got caught in the spam filters for some odd reason, I fixed that, I think.