What do the Sheriff, the Metro, and the San Jose Insider have in common?

The Phantom Returns

Politics is ugly, it’s expensive, and for better or for worse it is the process we are stuck with right now. Those vying for political office attempt to communicate their message to the public in an attempt to win their vote.

There are several methods of communicating a message: drawing up plans for change or improvement, public debates between the contenders, telling a story of what makes a candidate the greatest thing since sliced bread, disclosing the facts to bring light to failures and successes and if all that fails…. Throw the mud.

Apparently, Sheriff Laurie is all about throwing the mud after her interview with the Palo Alto Daily Post. Somewhere in a delusional state where she claims a coup was being organized against her (does she think she’s a dictator?), and something about compromised email systems she said, “This will be a campaign of casting stones.” Why?…

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