Beyond Party Lines For All the Right Reasons

Folks, I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask everyone something.  It’s starting to appear and it’s really is bugging me.  I’m a moderate.  I try to see the good in all sides of the argument, and I believe everyone has something to contribute to the conversation, whether I personally agree with their philosophy 100% or 10%.  It’s part of the many reasons I like Kevin Jensen for the position of Santa Clara County Sheriff.  He takes a broad view and realizes solutions come from many places.  The best elected officials, in my opinion, can put aside their personal beliefs to some degree to critically assess problems from a broader perspective than just their own.  I’ve found that skill has no party line.  It’s a skill I believe Kevin Jensen has exhibited.  

I know some of you, others not so well, and some not at all.  What I do know is that there is a political diversity in this effort that needs to be protected.  We may not agree with someone’s point of view on a specific issue, or person, or whatever… but we can make the effort to respect it and at least try to see and understand the other point of view, if not agree with it.  I believe that we can focus on the things we agree on, rather than fight over what we disagree on, and ultimately make things better for all of us.  Because I believe that is Kevin Jensen’s goal here.  Not utopia, no one will ever get 100% of what they want — but we can at least get fair and honest treatment, something none of us have gotten from the incumbent.

KEVIN NEEDS TO DRAW FROM ALL AREAS TO WIN THIS ELECTION, from conservative to liberal and everyone that fits in between — and there is a lot of in between in this county.  We can not afford to alienate anyone, nor should we want too.  The position of Sheriff should be a non-partisan position, no one should feel they’re not getting fair treatment from a law enforcement agency based on partisan politics or ability to personally contribute something “more” to the candidate. Politically speaking, our incumbent is a party of one, she will cater to whomever will play her power game.  She is neither liberal, nor conservative; she is self-serving.  We want a sheriff with a community vision, and that person is Kevin Jensen.

So let’s make a little pact here — our efforts are not to bash the positions of each other, the politicians or parties.  Our efforts are to focus on the fact that we all like Kevin Jensen, for many reasons, regardless of political affiliations, and feel that we’ll all get fair treatment by him versus the incumbent who has chosen to take a position that the people have given her and turn it into a self serving career and personal benefit.  Our effort is to point out where the incumbent fails to address community issues for all of us – from AB109 to immigration issues to CCW’s to better resources for the Sheriff’s office.  We NEED to work together to make this happen, so let’s do that.

If you agree with this philosophy, please share it far and wide and let everyone know that they are not only welcome to, but wanted at the Kevin Jensen party.