A Real Test of Integrity

I had a little chuckle over this one — but then I began to ponder the implications, Ajlouny style.

It appears that a member of the DSA board didn’t buy that they hadn’t filed that much paperwork.  This is the good thing about being a business, so to speak.  Record keeping.  So this person went down to the business office, rifled the files, found the paperwork and headed over to the county offices.  This person proceeded to show that not only were their records in order, but they were all stamped by the county as filed on the appropriate dates.  It appears the county somehow misplaced these filings.  It happens.  There’s a lot of paper. It’s always a good idea to keep copies, receipts, etc., and we see why here.

But now comes the real test of a person’s mettle.  We’ve seen Pulcrano over at The Metro using his tools and Rich Robinson of TheLeftHook and God only knows how many other blogs, cheering this on in the public eye – the DSA breaking the law!

So, are they full of the integrity they claim everyone else is lacking or are they just Vic Ajlouny in sheep’s clothing?  Will any of them show the class, honesty and strength of character to release a blog/article updating the facts and give it the same banner treatment for days?

I’m betting not.  I’d be willing to lose this bet, but given their past behavior, none of Laurie Smith’s friends incite high expectations in the honesty department.

Just another reason to vote for Kevin Jensen.  No one wants a sheriff that chooses to allow her media friends to mislead the public for personal benefit.

I have been sworn to secrecy on this one, but it does look like in the midst of all this, we’ve dug up a little dirt ourselves.  See, the difference is, before we go throwing out wild accusations, we’re going to check it out to make sure what we’re seeing is real. 😉  Updates will be forthcoming – whether they indict or vindicate.