The Toolbox is Open

It appears that the Laurie Smith Toolbox is open and all the tools are out.   Yes, it does appear that past DSA boards may have failed to file paperwork.  And oh my, Kevin Jensen got some things on the wrong line, not bad for a first timer, what exactly was Laurie’s excuse after running for this many years? The DSA has a board that has members changing every year, their mistake was a mistake, not a willful attempt to mislead and the correction to their errors (and Kevin Jensen’s) is simply filing an amendment.  Until this year, the DSA has not had a strong political arm, and have been a bit naïve in how things go.  This has been changing over the past 8 months and they were actually already aware of the situation and in the process of correcting it.  But year after year, Laurie’s filings raise questions. She’s the consummate professional politico here, why after so many campaigns are there still significant irregularities on her filings?

But here is the real problem – filings aside, if they were really important, I would have been making a much bigger fuss — this is not a game of I’m rubber you’re glue as the Laurie Show seems to be heading with this.  Part of the problem has been her unwillingness to address anything of import in the office, and her first step out the door isn’t to say — hey, I can fix these problems, it’s more along the lines of coming out swinging a rubber mallet.  She wouldn’t do it after the last election, she won’t do it now, and she certainly has no reason to change her ways if she wins yet again.

This all just shows how far the relationship between Sheriff Laurie Smith and her personnel has degraded.  Yet another reason to vote for Kevin Jensen, clearly the incumbent is unable to work with the deputies at this point, nor does she want to work with them.

Winning an election should be based on the successes since your last election.  What have Laurie’s successes been in the past 4 years?  Why isn’t she hitting the DSA with those?  Oh, because she has none. She’s sent a few people out to comment on my blog to test a few “successes” she was going to try to claim in the beginning and, to the last one, they were shown to be nothing more than vaporware.  She’s destroyed her working relationship with her line level staff, she has little respect from anyone in her office and the only people lining up behind her are politicians that have long tied their boat to her dock based on promises.  Sadly, they probably got their election time promises fulfilled, while the taxpayers saw none of her election time promises for the office filled.

She is far more interested in playing the victim here — her captain “staged a coup” because he’s running in a constitutionally acceptable election, this is a “campaign of throwing stones” trying to justify her own slime machine (Ajlouny has nothing on her game) and the latest, which just made me laugh out loud — the accusation this is all an attack on her character by “anonymous bloggers” with a link back to SanJoseInside’s piece on the questionable ethics of inviting some one under criminal investigation to party with your SAB members at a taxpayer owned range to shoot automatic weapons.  That’s character assassination in San Jose politics – pointing out a proven lack of ethics.  Anywhere else it’s questionably legal.

Then Douglas Allen wants “disclosure” on things like who Mark Garcia’s “associated” with.  If you’re self-employed, you don’t list your clients on your donations as your employer.  After all, when Mr. Allen was the former attorney for one of the involved unions in this imbroglio, did he disclose that on donations he made to anyone?  No.  Of course not, just like he did not disclose the sour grapes he’s been growing for being let go from the services of that same union.

Nor did Mr. Allen ask the blogger involved in this interview to reveal that the owners of the blog are friends with the Sheriff, have been seen at private parties together and hired a family member of the sheriff’s as a friend.  Maybe the blogger is too new on what Jon Stewart calls Bullsh#t Mountain to have known all that.

Fascinating when people expect others to clear their plate for the public but never want to do so themselves.

So the FPPC thing will work it’s way out… there is more to come from what I understand, so expect it from both sides, but again, the real issue here for this election is the Sheriff’s ability to lead.  She promised in 1998 to lead us into the 21st century, 14 years later, we’re still waiting.  14 years later, we have fewer programs, increased risks to the public and deputies, a multitude of shoddy investigations because she and her administration made bad decisions.  So, Sheriff, why don’t you address some of those points now that we know you’re not simply going to gracefully bow out and acknowledge your time is done.  Even if you win this election now — what does it get you?  Especially after you’re going to turn this into an attack on the deputies integrity rather than address where you can improve your failures as a leader.

Vote June 3 for Kevin Jensen, Santa Clara County Sheriff


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  1. It’s like a soap opera, but sadly it’s worse, it’s real life. Why the personal attacks on Mark Garcia?, he donates money, who he works for is immaterial. Lets see who the voters approve in June. My bet?…Kevin Jensen.


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