Fact vs. Fantasy

We’ve known for a long time that the Sheriff has this wild fantasy about someone, anyone, in the Jensen camp hooking up with Vic Ajlouny so she can try to smear them with being attached to Reed.  She’s publicly accused the Jensen campaign of hiring him at one point — wrong.

Her latest attempt at making this fantasy come true is to lead, not one, but two bunches of poor saps who call themselves “insiders” down a merry path and has them reporting that the Santa Clara DSA has hired Ajlouny.  While they did a great job on the graphics, it appears it was an effort in futility.

I don’t know who their “inside sources” are who gave them this “exclusive” is exactly, but when I called my inside sources, once the laughter stopped I got something along the lines of “even when they have half the facts right, they get it all wrong.”

I don’t know if this is a sad game of attempting to smear the candidate and deputies with flat out lies by the political insiders hoping to sway the vote of the citizens of San Jose.  I guess that’s why the sheriff said this was going to be a “campaign of throwing stones,” it’s all she has.

Here’s some more facts for you:
The Sheriff has cut critical community programs to the county
The Sheriff has failed to work cohesively with other agencies in the county
The Sheriff has failed to keep a positive image in law enforcement, driving away more and more good candidates
The Sheriff has endangered the community with decisions like deficient training and ignoring terrorist threats
The Sheriff is not trusted by the rank and file of the Sheriff’s office and they feel she is failing the community
The list goes on and on and on… but you know that, you read my blog… and you know “insiders” too, right?

Any way you look at it, boys, you lost this round and we’re calling you out on the bull and lies.  With “facts” like those you’re offering up today, I can see why you’re whining about the domain name “sucks” being out of the game.  Great heart graphics though. 😉   Save it, maybe you can use it for your next big “insider” story.  Hopefully by then, you’ll be able to tell fact from fantasy — no one in the Jensen, DSA or CPOA camps is working with Ajlouny.

Oh, here’s another insider tip (you find these out by talking to insiders), the protest had no ties with any political group, direct or indirect, involved in the Sheriff’s race.

I guess that’s why no one picked these other blogs as trusted sources of information in this race on my little poll.  Because when you’re openly spreading misinformation, no one believes you any more.


2 thoughts on “Fact vs. Fantasy

  1. I usually look for the first person that goes negative, and she has shown her colors. I am not reading much about Kevin going negative. Time for change And Kevin will make a great leader……


  2. When you look at the people who surround the Sheriff, who gets a warm and fuzzy feeling from any of them?. It’s obvious from the Campaign the Sheriff has launched, any and all are suspect. I don’t believe for one second that any trash is being thrown by Kevin Jensen, it’s not his way. I don’t think he’s hiding anything in his closet, Sheriff?….are you?.


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