A Few Notes

I’m still in awe of the Sheriff’s interview for the Post yesterday.  There were so many things wrong with what she said my head is still spinning.  I’m waiting to see what Scott Herhold grades this embarrassing mess — I personally give the Sheriff an A on this one. I felt the Sheriff’s lack of concern for… well everything other than herself and the “coup” being “launched” against her, her inability to understand what a “good job” entails, and her open admission she undermined one of her own people because of her paranoia came through loud and clear.  She truly shed her status as an enigma in that interview by displaying her true self.  There’s no mystery to it, she’s in it for herself, at all costs — costs everyone else is paying for her.

But I wanted to hit a few points.  It’s been a long day, I have a full mailbox (that I’m probably not going to get to tonight, be kind to me for that) and I wanted to say a couple things….

To Martin Monica, thank you.  I know what this meant to you.  I know that you felt you were the person to step in.  You put a lot of effort forward to be in the race what ever anyone says, and you have gracefully stepped out.  That was a very selfless move and I want you to know that it is appreciated.

To all my readers, the past few blogs (not including the poll blog for haha’s) are core issues that the public needs to be aware of.  Read them, share them, let people know that there is a real need for change, not just stone throwing, not just sour grapes.  There is real substance to the problems that need to be addressed and we feel the first step is putting Kevin Jensen in office.  Those blogs are Another Bad Interview, Climate Change and Report Card.  The more people who understand the underlying issues talked about in these blogs, the better chance we have of getting a new Boss in the Sheriff’s Office.

We have to step out of our comfort zones, there are only a handful of weeks left.  Both the PAC and Kevin’s campaign are looking for volunteers and donations.  I understand the PAC signs are in and signs from Kevin’s campaign are right behind, so if you signed up for a sign, it’ll be there soon.  If you have not, go sign up and get one.