The Sheriff’s Office Finds Technology

16 years in office and the best solution she can come up with to better protect our communities is “do it yourself on this great site that advertises how you can plan the next neighborhood pumpkin carving contest.”

How many deputies can we plan on you eliminating through attrition for this bit of efficiency, Sheriff? 

I agree, strong communities are safer communities, however, is this all we get from you?  This is a pretty poor election time attempt at buying off the neighborhoods given how little you do.  Visible, though, I’ll give you that.  People are too easily fooled by slight of hand — while that’s great when you’re watching a magician, not so much when you’re watching your Sheriff. 

The release says “the sheriff’s office will be able to post important information, such as crime udates”  Call me cynical, but when a majority of your deputies aren’t aware of urgent updates of ongoing situations, why are we supposed to believe you’re going to post them to citizens with any regularity or integrity? 

Maybe this can be taken seriously from other departments, but the office where the computers are little more than paperweights and the administration hides more information than it even considers releasing?  Nice try. 

Any one want to set up a pool on how many times there are actual posts with worthwhile information from June 3, 2014 through December 15, 2014?

Thanks for the laugh.


4 thoughts on “The Sheriff’s Office Finds Technology

  1. Here we go everybody. More of the Beavis & Laurie Smith show!! Not only does she and her administration insult her employees daily but now she’s insulting the public to?? Is this tech brand new? No, it’s been around for awhile. She’s grabbing at it now because it’s election time. I hope one of these neighborhood forums asks her where’s she been for the last sixteen years? AWOL, that’s where she’s been. C’mon Kevin, challenge her to a debate and show the public what real leadership looks like. She of course will run and hide which just proves our point.


  2. As someone who works at the office I completely agree on the admin keeping as much as they can secret. It is not uncommon for the admin to block deputies from even being able to read there own reports after submission. The community has a better chance of getting worth while info on the 5 o’clock news than from an election year attempt at “community policing.”


    • Honestly, after weighing this for awhile, I’m curious to know if this is just an attempt to move the Sheriff’s
      Facebook Show that they were called out on to another venue. Seriously, wouldn’t be easier to do what every other agency is doing and use Facebook? But we saw how that went… Wanted Wednesday lasted what… 6 or 8 sporadic weeks? Now we’re supposed to buy this scam?


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