Time To Punish the Errant Children

Well we knew it was a matter of time and that time is here. Time to see who will be rewarded and who will be punished for their actions in this election cycle. I was just sent the below attachments. It is the agenda and agenda packet for today’s 2:00 PM meeting of the Santa Clara County Public Safety and Justice Committee. I tried not to laugh when I typed “Public Safety” as that is so not a consideration here. I couldn’t find a full list of the members of this committee, but I did find the chairperson is Mike Wasserman and Vice Chairperson, Cindy Chavez — a woman who is apparently in neck deep with campaign promises to the Sheriff.  Interestingly also, is the lack of dates listed for this committee, but not times.

But on to the meat of this meeting….

Many of the DSA members stood up knowing that they would become her personal targets so this really shouldn’t come as any surprise.  Hopefully our DSA members realize that now more than ever is time to stand up and stop the abuse of public trust and our deputies by the incumbent. Speaking out about an agency on the verge of failure because of poor leadership should not be a punishable offense.  The deputies want better for their neighbors and communities, the Sheriff shouldn’t be allowed to try to silence them, and when silencing them does not work s the second option division will be used to try to knock down morale even further.

We have bets on which of the 4 captains supporting her will get a newly acquired Assistant Sheriff position in Corrections, for a total of three Assistant Sheriffs.  So far we have bets on 4 candidates who will be in the running the newly described job that actually lowers the requirements of the leadership position  and apparently eliminates the sworn peace officer requirement for the $250+K salary and benefits package.   Lowering the standards to do the job is becoming the standard for our incumbent – a standard that is in some ways starting to create risks that could directly impact the public, much more to come on this soon.  The competition for a job like this usually means who can cause the most damage to others — may the best man win (because you know she’s not going to consider another woman to promote to that level if she can avoid it) — like harassing deputies and officers who have come out for Kevin Jensen.

A number of Sheriff’s Office enforcement  sergeants will be spanked, it appears a large number are to be removed from the  positions in the jails and replaced with more 16 more expensive jails sergeants — yes, they are more expensive, the sheriff used old salary information to make it appear that there is a savings in this move — with less training, less experience and no criminal investigative and report experience.  What training has been given to the Correction sergeants since the sheriff’s office took over four years ago to prepare for the enforcement sergeants being removed?   Nothing has been done to prepare them.

So what then happens to the displaced enforcement sergeants?  There is no place to put them  Are there to be demotions of as many as 8 to 11 sergeants, possibly more in order to accommodate the placement more expensive, un trained sergeants with corrections training into the positions of enforcement officers?

his is just scratching the surface of what the Sheriff is asking from the county.  I just gave it a scan so far.

You can see it’s item #6 on the agenda, listed as: Accept report from Office of the Sheriff relating to assaults in the jail and the relationship to gang activity and the implementation of Assembly Bill 109 in Santa Clara County jail facilities. The actual “report” she’s offering seems to have little to do with the agenda item, you can read it yourself in the packet, starting on 71 and running through page 95 (to include Under Sheriff Hirokawa’s report on the ” financial plan” for the Inmate Welfare Fund).

It’s my understanding that deputies just found out about this yesterday.  Timely.

We’ll pick this apart later… let’s see what the county officials decide to do with this potential morale crushing mess that will likely send deputies fleeing much like we saw happen with the San Jose Police.  The job is hard enough for our good deputies, who needs a boss who is constantly attacking the workers to make the job this much more difficult.

How much damage do we allow this woman to do to this office and our public safety before we vote her out of office?

Please feel free to join me in reading Sheriff’s Smith’s sometimes outrageous requests starting on page 71 of the Full Agenda document.  We should know how the county bows down to her before too long.

2014-03-05 Public Safety and Justice Committee – Full Agenda-5059

2014-03-05 Public Safety and Justice Committee – Public Agenda-5059


7 thoughts on “Time To Punish the Errant Children

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  2. AMAZING that they are asking for MORE high command staff! The issues stated four years ago where based on TOO much Department of Correction staffing and how by going with the Sheriff the county BOS were told that less administrative staff was needed.

    Ever look how many administrative staff work on the fourth floor? Really look!!!! Where are these proposed savings and deletion of same and like jobs? How many upper escelon administrative staff members does the Sheriff need?

    How about staffing the jails with LINE staff? Why do they need more non-essential staff positions (except to those in the reach of those higher-up jobs?) Why are there still not enough correctional deputies and officers each day assigned and working inside the jails? How short staffed do the jails need to be before the Board of Supervisors see the light??? How come when the jails opened as the DOC there were LESS inmates and more then enough Training Officers, Movement Officers and Rovers on all the floors? What about staffing so that inmates get program time and staff get partners that CAN respond when there is a problem? Forget the peons add more brass. Hmph!

    So she plans on taking out the Enforcement Sgts. that she insisted on having inside the jails to just write reports?! Why?? Aren’t they needed out on the streets and what about their experience. Do not all the Enforcement Sgts start their Sgt jobs in the jail so that they can learn how to deal with staff and personnel?

    When will she have lower paid Correctional Deputies/Officers begin working at the court entrances and as bailiffs to save money and put “street” deputies where they were trained to be (from the academy) assigned? How many deputies are assigned to each patrol shift??? Ever see how few deputies are actually on the county roads working enforcement?

    What about when the football stadium needs supporting law enforcement? Where will these deputies come from?

    How about safety equipment and broken gates/doors that inmates open? What about money spent on buses that do not even fit in the tunnel area. How much was spent on that bus?? When will holes and breaches in security be taken into consideration as “breeches”

    They did ask for correctional deputies to run visiting at Main Jail South so at least the inmates grievances get listened too! What about staff greivances??? At least 4 spots there in a one-man position (Will visiting go past 11PM?)


  3. There are some valid points in the comments. Neither organization should panic at this point about lost or gained positions. First off all these are proposed budget items and have to be approved by the Board so both associations need to work their contacts on the Board and flex their muscles a little. It can’t be lost on those politicians the power the DSA and CPOA hold when they work together. They are the reason there is a real race for Sheriff this year. Even with the worse case scenario and the Sheriff gets everything she wants, then Kevin Jensen can fix the problem after he takes over.

    I suggest that somebody go back to the agreements made in 1997 after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the DSA. Two Sheriff’s sergeants were assigned to each team at each facility to ensure there was always a peace officer on duty to meet the legal requirements and to conduct criminal violations. I don’t remember if that was specifically in the Court’s decision or if that is how County Counsel interpreted it but the County is going to have to justify changing the rules that they enacted.

    There is also the matter of what happens to those sergeants if the positions are changed. I don’t believe that under the MOU and Merit Systems Rules, that number of sergeants can just be demoted unless there are layoff due to budget cuts. The only way to reduce the number of sergeants is through attrition (not filling in positions when somebody leaves and the code is deleted.)


  4. The need for another Assistant Sheriff for the Jails………..really?, how about some line staff?…What’s up with the move of Sergeants from jail to ?……She may just want to piss staff off, but she is damaging the jails, morale and the safety of the facilities. It’s not a “us versus us” battle Sheriff, it’s a group of College educated people (your requirements) who have had enough and want better for each organization. That is why they support the challenger Kevin Jensen. He understands what “Siberia” and the “Pits” mean and also the day to day running of both sides.

    Sheriff, time has come for a new leader, you have served the people of Santa Clara County for the better part of 40 years, and it’s time for some new ideas. 2014 should be the year of change. Kevin Jensen is that change. Fresh ideas, hard work, dedication and morals. That fit anyone currently on the 4th floor?


  5. Well Mars, from my conversations with various people this morning, I gather she successfully bought friends at the CPOA last election rather cheaply, why not try again. The added bonus of crushing some deputies in the process, has to thrill her. I would hope that the two organizations work together, but it seems to me that the DSA right now needs to openly stand up for it’s members, and the CPOA needs to either be beside them when they do it, or not. It’s great that the two have a strong relationship, I hope to see the partnership go to work to fight this change and not leave one standing at the county alone this afternoon.


  6. Casey,
    I see this latest fiasco from Laurie as a poor attempt at driving a wedge between the CPOA and the DSA. Laurie knows the CPOA and DSA are working in concert with each other like never before. Together, the DSA and CPOA have created the strongest and best chance to topple her regime that she has ever faced.

    Is there a better way to try and foster a wedge than taking codes away from one bargaining unit and giving them to another? There will be an understandable outcry by some of the DSA rank and file just like there will be a few of the CPOA that welcome this. That is what Laurie is banking on.

    I find it odd that Laurie never approached the DSA or the CPOA with this plan. I am dumbfounded how she intends to implement this drastic change. There are several obstacles that are easily identified, at least in my opinion, that make me tend to believe that this proposal’s soul purpose is to foster hostile feelings between the associations.

    1.) Correctional Sergeants don’t even have log on access to the criminal incident report writing system.

    2.) Correctional Sergeants have not received any training on the use of the IR program. (Such as upload, retrieve, put in library ect)

    3.) There has been no known plan to start training correctional sergeants or even start giving them log-on access and passwords to the IR system.

    As cunning as the incumbent is with this chess move, she forgot one very important thing. She is used to keeping people in the dark, from what I hear, the DSA and CPOA are in constant communication and thus see her tactics for what they are. A desperate attempt at causing friction between the two groups that together, will help the incumbent find her way to retirement.


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