Another Election, More Empty Promises

submitted by contributing author, Rural Citizen
The Cattleman’s Association of Santa Clara County met in Gilroy for the monthly meeting February 27, 2014.  One of the topics on the calendar was the introduction of the rural crimes deputy currently working in South County.

When it came time to introduce the deputy, he was no where to be found.  Sheriff Smith, however, was there to explain the deputy just had a new born baby and was unable to attend.  Instead, Sheriff Smith talked about how she was running for reelection and then rattled off a whole bunch of problems ranchers and farmers have in the rural areas.  Stolen cars, trash, trespassers, graffiti, marijuana growers, etc.  She was real good at pointing out problems and real short on solutions.  She looked nervous as she tried to rattle off whatever list she was trying to recall.  She might as well have just pulled out a piece of paper and read it.

So let’s get this right, she’s telling us all the problems we’ve had for the 16 years she’s been in office.  What’s changed?  Nothing!  It’s the same speech she gives every four years she shows up.  It’s the same promises and yet still the same problems remain unaddressed.  Ranchers and farmers feel like they’re stuck with her and the piss poor service the Sheriff’s Department provides to them.

Sheriff Smith said she was trying to get a third rural Deputy.  One person asked her, “So where are you going to put them (the third Deputy)?  She had a dumfounded look as she said, “Well, we don’t have the position yet.  We have not discussed how it will work or where they will be assigned.”

So let me get this straight, you tell us you’re going to get another rural Deputy but you don’t know where you’re going to put them or what they’re going to do?  The clueless response pretty much says your clueless about what the rural problems are, don’t know what the cattle needs, and don’t know what farmers need.

Looking around the room you could tell people were hoping she would hurry up and finish.  People went back to their desserts and looked around at what was going on around them.  It was nice to see her walk off the stage.


3 thoughts on “Another Election, More Empty Promises

  1. Perhaps it’s time to break from the mold and have the two candidates to have a debate. Kevin?….you in?…..Laurie?….and you?…. I believe now is the time for action and trend setting. Out with the old worn out ideas and time for a fresh face with new ideas and talks about growth.

    Come on DSA and CPOA lets push for a debate between candidates. I’m sure neither has anything to hide.


  2. One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you!! Read that today in a news article and immediately thought of the sheriff.

    She’s an embarrassment to law enforcement and should just retire. That’s the only thing she can do till she retires that will make everyone not on the fourth floor HAPPY. PLEASE!!!!!


  3. So if I am to understand the author of this piece (and it is great to see a member of the community outside of law enforcement contributing) wants us to believe that Laurie Smith showed up on a regular quadrennial basis (like the Olympics), was ill-prepared, couldn’t remember the points she wanted to make, reiterated what everybody already knew, and made hallow promises about plans for the future.

    Well I want to state here and now that is not the Laurie Smith that I know. Oh, wait a minute that is exactly the Laurie Smith that I know and now the voters are finally starting to see it. Her legacy as the Sheriff is like a 16-year old car that has spent all it’s life in the Northeast. The paint is coming off and there is a lot of corrosion underneath. Like that old car, a fresh coat of paint will not hide the problem for long.


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