Do as I say not as I do

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“The biggest complaint against politicians, in general, is the willingness to pander to the electorate instead of showing integrity and leadership. Voters can vote for someone while disagreeing on some issues, but they will not support people who lack veracity. Integrity is the single most important issue for voters, including crime—but it is rarely quantified in a poll.”

What insightful words about the nature of political campaigns! The reader might think that the author is describing Laurie Smith.  CCW permits in exchange for campaign contributions is but one example of her lack of integrity while examples of her lack of leadership are too numerous to mention. The author states that voters will not support a candidate who lack ethical principles.  Again, an apt description of Sheriff Smith and as for pandering well, she is the poster child for such behavior.

The quote is part of article written by a local political consultant as his analysis of the San Jose Mayor’s race in which he criticizes two of the candidates for not being true to themselves but rather pandering to the electorate in regards to crime.  It could be considered sage advice for those running for office.

As a political consultant, one might think that he would only have clients who meet his criteria and who follow his advice.

Well, one would be wrong to make that assumption as this article appeared on the SanJoseInside web page under the byline of Rich Robinson.  As noted at the bottom of the article, “Rich Robinson is an attorney and political consultant in Silicon Valley. He is currently working on the campaign of Sheriff Laurie Smith.”  A lack of integrity is something they have in common.  How can he criticize other candidates for the exact same behavior so often displayed by his own client?  Oh yeah, I forgot his primary occupation.


editor’s post-script:  The article in question also is in support of candidate Dave Cortese.  I hope that San Jose does their homework here.  While Liccardo has done little, what has Cortese done for law enforcement in Santa Clara County while sitting on Board of Supervisors?  I know he voted to continue the practice of not calling ICE for even the most violent offenders; a practice that resulted in the murder of an immigrant woman and mother.  He’s endorsed Laurie Smith as a law enforcement leader despite the fact that her own personnel, virtually every agency in the county, a slew of retirees (including 2 of her former under sheriff’s) are standing against her and a major victim’s rights group just endorsed her opponent, Kevin Jensen.   He sponsored a gun buyback (I believe before his last election).  This is the “crime” record he’s running on?  Pretty thin when the agency under his own current jurisdiction is crumbling for lack of leadership and he chooses to side with the failing leadership.

Careful what you wish for here San Jose.


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  1. Quick note about the Sheriff and her Admin support staff. I think this would be worth looking into: around 05 (sketchy on date) Hirokawa’s wife is detained for prescription fraud and associated felonies at CVS pharmacy on the Westside.
    Sgt. Owens and then deputy Lehman responded. Hirokawa also responded and took his wife home not allowing her to be booked into jail.
    I’m sure both involved deputies would tell the circumstances accurately. I’ve heard this several times and once within the last couple of days.


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