Tactics Rewarded are Tactics Repeated

For those of you who have followed me since the beginning, the title phrase may sound familiar.  It comes from Rich Robinson, our illustrious incumbent’s political adviser.

I bring this to the front again and now because as we ramp up reaching out to the public, we need to remember that we must make a lasting impact when we talk to people.  We need to make sure that people understand the failures of our incumbent’s leadership — from lack of training that increases risk to not only deputies but to the public as well, lack of modern equipment that can be a game changer for everyone when confronted with certain circumstances, to the absolute solid wall barring taxpayers from knowing where their money is being spent as contract cities get kickbacks and specialized teams like the k9 teams continue without any tangible budget.

Why is it important?  I direct you back to the title — tactics rewarded are tactics repeated.  Virtually every campaign that the incumbent has seen risk in, whether it was competition for office in 2010 or the threat of a politician who would threaten to take away one of her contract cities as in 2005, her and Rich have sat back comfortably through the campaign, and the week before the vote, launched dirty attacks… so dirty some of them even literally involved a bag of manure.  Their dirty campaign tactics are targeted to be highly visible and within 7-14 days of election day so her opponent has no time to respond or mitigate the attack.

It’s an effective tactic, even if it’s about as cheap a shot a candidate can take.  Have no doubt that right now they’re digging up their campaign out of the muck to launch when the time comes.

So it’s important you let people know:

1)  Why Kevin Jensen is our candidate –  integrity, honesty, transparency and bringing our agency into today’s world with practices that are better for the community, better for the agency.

2)  The administrative structure is broken – Moral has been destroyed, she  and her administrators have dangerously undermined safety, have repeatedly undermined line level supervisors by exchanging “favors” with some deputies, inoculating them from any repercussions from their direct supervisors.  With her sparse training regiment that fails to even often cover the basics, she leaves the agency, and therefore the taxpayers open to a lawsuit for failure to train.  Worse, by undermining authority and eliminating repercussions, she opens the door for a situation like LA saw in their Rampart division by allowing those who would accept corruption to run not only unchecked, but endorsed by people at the very top of the administration for the right price.

3) Financial responsibility and clarity – where is your money being spent?  Unless it’s in yet another lawsuit for k9 officers being underpaid to care for their partners it’s virtually impossible to tell what the incumbent is spending her budget on.  I’ve had multiple people come to me and talk about multiple bank accounts, and recently was told the county accountants found an account with $2M being horded that should have been spent on improving the academy that has been languishing now that continued maintenance serves her no political purpose.

4) Public Safety – Time and time again we have seen the current administration fail to strive to provide the best service they can because of budget issues.  Kidnapping, sexual assault, domestic violence, even a potential terror attack took a back seat to a budget.  Programs like SCOPE and VICE have been shut down and not replaced despite their contribution to a better community.
We can all come up with 10 more examples on why we need change.  You and I all know why.  Our job now is to bring our argument to the public so they understand a new sheriff is more important and has a positive impact  on our communities in a more important manner than whatever negative spin she will try to come up with this time.

The PAC for the DSA and CPOA is on-line.  They are looking for volunteers.  I was told several days ago supplies will be coming in that need to be distributed and they will need people willing to step up and talk to the community…

As I said earlier, democracy doesn’t happen on it’s own, get out and volunteer for the PAC and volunteer for Kevin’s campaign and let’s make change happen come June.