SBLC Heartbreak or Favor?

Some additional information on the relationship between SBLC and the CPOA by some one personally involved with regards to my earlier post at SEIU, SBLC, the Sheriff and the Story of Returned Favors. Very enlightening.


I apologize for a delay in responding to the SBLC posting made by Casey Thomas a few days ago. Between a long commute, twelve hour shifts and back to back hectic days in the Jail, taking care of Union business, time has been a precious commodity.

Yes, I have been involved in various labor movements supported by the SBLC, assisting 521 for their rallies during their contract negotiations and writing letters on the behalf of other unions and association supporting their independent causes.

Yes, the political machine of SBLC has turned its back on the DSA and CPOA. The political entity that is SBLC cares more for its continued relationship with a non-labor friendly department head. The political portion of SBLC cares less that the vast majority of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department labor force is screaming for a positive change, doing all we can to get Kevin Jensen…

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