It Was a Terror Attack… What Was the Response by the Sheriff?

We know that the deputies and sergeants aren’t allowed to make any judgement calls on how to handle these situations… so what happened?  And who are they going to try to throw under the bus to protect the administrative level personnel that I’m hearing made yet another decision to put budget over response — this time to a terrorist attack?  And this was not even the first attack on utilities in the area.  Interestingly enough, there has never been anyone caught for any of the incidents.  Has the Sheriff’s Office taken these attacks seriously enough?  Dedicated enough resources to them?  I’m hearing not.

So while I work on bringing together information on this story, refresh yourselves with the following information:

The Wall Street Journal broke the story on a broader level yesterday regarding the PG&E substation attack in the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction the day after the Boston Bombing — a story that I have been pushing at the edges of and looks like it’s breaking big nationally.  I’ll be trying to work out what happened at the local level here.

I know most of you are not fans of the liberal media, but I found the below link to be one of the more comprehensive reports that included some of the Sheriff’s statements as well as a little more detailed information as to how other entities have mentioned/addressed this incident.  Yes, our Sheriff Laurie even showed her face here, when she used to do interviews and not just campaign appearances so they had some Twitter material.

MSNBC: Alarming Attack on Power Grid Goes Unsolved

Here is another source with further information of the interest at the federal level

Fox News: Sniper Attack on Power Grid

Please read up… I will be doing my best to make sure more is coming out on this on the local level…  things like how the Sheriff has no strategy in the event of terrorist activity, no administrative personnel were astute enough to figure out what was happening until it was too late because they were again worrying about the guillotine of “overtime costs”, and again, may be another case of delayed investigation, delayed justice — did a terrorist get away because another Captain made another bad overtime call?  I’m hearing rumor that is exactly the case.

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  3. Crime Blotter in the Mercury News…..

    Santa Clara

    3208 El Camino Real, 11:25 a.m. Jan. 26 A vehicle pulled over in the parking lot at a motel resulted in the driver’s arrested after police learned he had a suspended license and outstanding warrant, and a loaded shotgun, a PG&E badge stolen from a vehicle in San Jose and thousands of credit card receipts with credit card numbers and expiration dates.

    Gee, You think this could have anything to do with the above issues??? Did Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office even check with Santa Clara Police Department on this??? Sure hope so. If not I bet they will NOW!


  4. Rachael Maddow questions why AT&T put up a $250,000 reward yet PG&E did nothing. Someone might ask why PG&E donated $500 to Laurie Smith’s campaign on August 30, 2013? Why does a public utility choose sides in an election? Why would they prefer one candidate over another?

    BTW: This report is completely non partisan. Yes Rachael Maddow and MSNBC have a liberal bias, but she based much of her story on The Wall Street Journal which is owned by Rupert Murdoch (Fox networks) and has a conservative bias. This is one of those stories that transcends politics.


    • Semperviren, good catch on the donation. I received other information early this morning that may be another piece of that puzzle. More will be coming on this story… it was another failure by a sheriff who apparently thinks the only preparation or response needed for terrorism in her county is trips to Israel so she can tell the media how much she “learned.” Even then, they can’t seem to read the tea leaves in front of their face, even if given a map. Is this what we want leading the primary law enforcement agency in the county?

      As for the Maddow clip, I appreciate the back up on that. Her’s was the only report I could find that reported the sheriff’s office releasing this as vandalism and carried a few points made in the WSJ article a little farther with more information in a direction that benefited my goals here. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t openly discounted because of the source — it was a piece of journalism rather than the usual editorialism we see from everyone.


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