9 Felony Counts, Stolen & Disappearing Cars and a Demand for Transparency

Our Sheriff Laurie must be getting used to her friends being indicted.  Ron Batistella, former SAB member and friend of our sheriff has been charged with 9 felonies.

Now the Sheriff has tried to distance herself from Mr. Batistella, but it still took media and public pressure to get him to resign from the SAB board.  Despite the charges flying around, the Sheriff chose to take no action regarding a member of the board until the media was notified of Mr. Batistella’s role.  One was left wondering, if she could have kept it under wraps, would he still be on the board?  And really, since we have no idea who is part of the membership of this group providing unaccountable funding to our Sheriff’s Office in such an opaque manner, how do we know that Mr. Batistella isn’t still garnering the favors afforded to SAB members by our Sheriff, notorious for parties at the range and ride alongs in the helicopter?

So to get to the point of my post today, since the time this story started, I’ve heard many rumors.  Rumors about a business relationship between our Sheriff and Mr. Batistella.  One of those rumors is that the Sheriff is/was a co-owner of a limousine that she used to have a reserve deputy drive her around in.  Several people have tried to verify ownership of this limo, and Batistella is listed, but the other owner seems to be able to slip behind the protections legitimately offered by the state to some, therefore the other owner is listed anonymously.

So I’m just going to ask.

Sheriff Laurie Smith, a little integrity and transparency here — are or were you at any time part owner of a limousine with Mr. Ron Batistella?  Is the name being protected via the Confidential Records law yours?

I’m going to posit a hypothesis here — has anyone checked with the sheriff’s friends and donors, the federally indicted Chen family out of Cupertino see if maybe they know where Batistella’s cars went?  Just curious — isn’t that the job of cops, journalists and yeah, even us bottom feeding bloggers?  Isn’t anyone curious about these coincidences?


5 thoughts on “9 Felony Counts, Stolen & Disappearing Cars and a Demand for Transparency

  1. Another person (think management) went to China and other far off places from the Sheriff’s Office Upper Management last fall. How about spending that money on MUCH needed equipment instead of another political move to get a specific vote???


    • Can’t imagine which management you’re talking about 😉


      The way I figure it, there are at least 4 trips to Israel with virtually none of them panning out to a broader knowledge or improve policy for the office. I would count the dogs as a plus, but they’ve already been retired and resulted in one of many lawsuits, thereby reducing the benefit of that trip.


  2. Odd coincidence or a tragic pattern?

    Sheriff Smith was associated with the Chen family and the 888 Auto (theft/fraud) group. Mrs. Chen paid for Sheriff Smith’s trip to mainland China, most likely with the funds the Chen family raised with their now suspected/felony charges pending car scamming/fraud ring. The very same suspected auto theft/fraud ring that cost numerous Santa Clara County Asian immigrants /residence many tens and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Sheriff Laurie’s good buddy and former co-owner of her Limo, Ron Batistella, is also being charged with multiple felony counts in a separate auto theft/fraud case.

    Is anyone else seeing a tragic and shameful pattern here? High dollar vehicles and owners falling victim to theft/fraud, and the same suspects in these cases making major donations to Sheriff Laurie’s campaign and causes? Hmmmmm?

    Sheriff Smith makes connections with questionable donors to her campaign and various causes. The very same questionable donors/friends eventually get charged with felonies. The saying, “If you lay down with dogs, you will end up with fleas.” is coming to mind like a broadcasted megaphone!

    Are you starting to suspect the same thing I am? This is just wrong. It smells wrong, it looks wrong and it feels wrong. Sheriff Laurie has crossed the line, she is associated with too many, “smoky” characters with pending charges for us not to call, “Fire!”

    It is time for change, it is time for a responsible Sheriff, a Sheriff with integrity, pride, honesty and values. It is time for Sheriff Kevin Jensen. It is time to, “Fire” Laurie Smith.


  3. But when a deputy is arrested for hanging around with criminal types the Sheriff is quick to say we are held to a higher standard. Another one of her double standards I guess.


  4. Smells like something is rotten at the Sheriff’s Office. I guess it’s the smell of fear. Time for change, the change to an effective, honest leader named Kevin Jensen.


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