Show Me the Money

Remember when all this started, Sheriff Laurie Smith sent out those vaguely threatening letters ranting about power and popularity to the DSA and the CPOA trying to stop their endorsement votes because she knew they weren’t going to go in her favor?

Well the fundraising numbers are in and it appears those chickens have come home to roost for the moment.  While the Sheriff has been fundraising all year, Kevin Jensen has only been really driving to get funds for a few months in comparison; when it comes down to the latest filing, from July 2013 through December 2013, Kevin Jensen has outraised our “Popular Sheriff” by several thousand dollars.

While a few thousand may not seem like a lot, remember, Captain Jensen (ret.) is running against an entrenched, 16-year incumbent, who has made serious effort to lay the groundwork necessary to hold political power over that time.  The Sheriff who claims she is all but revered in the LE community, touting her meetings at POST on her Facebook page made a bet on Puppies in the Park, and it appears that bet did not pay off for her.

Reviewing her filing, she has few if any of the power brokers of the county behind her this time.  The handful of Sheriff’s Office personnel to donate to her campaign is embarrassingly sparse.  In reviewing Jensen’s donations, what is interesting is that the personal donations from law enforcement not only come from those in the Sheriff’s Office, but extend well beyond that to people currently active in other LE organizations.

The other interesting point I noted that I will mention here is the number of former administrators and their surrogates that show up on Kevin Jensen’s filing.  That so many outstanding retired personnel, ranging from Captain and higher are supporting Kevin Jensen speaks volumes.  The main point I take from it is that our current Popular Sheriff, really has not been popular for some time within her own rank and file and that they have given up trying to work with her and are now focusing on improving the vision at the top through this election.

On top of all of this, it looks to me that our Popular Sheriff’s politically empowered friends, at the very least, are standing back as spectators rather than participants in this race.

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For your review, I’m posting the pdf files for download for both candidates filings below, or you can search the filings for yourself below at the county’s FPPC filings public portal.

PDF download: EOY Filing Candidate Laurie Smith
PDF download: EOY Filing Candidate Kevin Jensen


2 thoughts on “Show Me the Money

  1. Kevin Jensen has a small lead in the head to head campaign fund raising department over Laurie Smith. But Laurie Smith has the backing of South Bay Labor Council (SBLC), or does she?

    SBLC is already heavily behind Dave Cortese for San Jose Mayor. As SBLC has already proven to both the DSA and CPOA, SBLC is NOT really a “Labor” council, they are a political council. Keeping in mind their political interest, which race matters most for SBLC?

    The Mayor of San Jose is a public policy maker on the local level. The County Sheriff is the top cop, not a policy maker per-say, but a law enforcer. The Mayor can implement or shut down a wide range of programs that are literally worth millions of dollars to the various unions attached to SBLC. The Sheriff’s purse strings are governed by the Board of Supervisors.

    Yes, SBLC will undoubtedly spend some money on Laurie’s campaign. My wager is that what SBLC spends on the Sheriff’s race will be but a small drop in the bucket compared to what it will do for the Mayor’s race. After all, which of these two races has the horse that SBLC truly wants and needs to hitch its wagon to?

    Yes, Laurie has, “supported” their candidates and has written nice letters on their behalf. But the overwhelming majority of contracts and money that is of concern to the SBLC constituents is tied up to the San Jose Mayor’s Office.

    Now lets think about the DSA and CPOA that have joined forces and created a Super PAC. Kevin’s minor money lead just turned into a blow out that Laurie will not recover from. That being said, this is no time to set back on our heels and wait for the victory. Everyone must do their part and help. Contact Kevin’s campaign, contact the DSA or the CPOA, volunteer and lets get this done together.

    We are fighting for our Department and our futures. We are fighting for the chance to have a fair, honest and mindful leader that will work with his subordinates and not treat us like rungs on a ladder, just to be stepped on to improve the view from up top.


  2. Bill Leavey, NFL referee contributed to Laurie Smith? Talk about making a bad call!

    One reason for her inability to raise much money is the absence of her ex-husband. He was integral to her past success on this regard.


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