It’s About Real Change

Submitted by contributing author, Redwood

The sun is rising on a new day in the political landscape of this county.  The well-funded CPOA-DSA PAC is the worst case scenario for the entrenched politicians, although in their self-centered narcissistic minds, they probably don’t realize it yet.  Two public safety unions have joined forces in a common cause and, as this is not related to pay or retirement benefits, those politicians can not throw the “greedy public employees union” card.  They have to recognize, and fear, the change in the status quo that is coming.

Since the hiring of Frank Hall as the first director of the Department of Correction, the County has benefited from the wedge he drove between the two associations and their members.  Now they can blame their friend, Laurie Smith, for providing the impetus to join forces.  For years both the members of the Board and the County Administration has enabled her bad behavior.  They have given her more power, paid for a personal attorney, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs in employment actions that could have been prevented, and … We’ll the list goes on.  Members of the Board have their part in this also as they are only too happy to curry her favor in return for her backing in political races or to be seen as pro law enforcement.

The one saving grace for them is that after she loses the election, they will have a Sheriff in Kevin Jensen who does not hold grudges and will work with them for what is best for the department and for the citizens.

With the formation of the PAC and the activities at the Tet Festival, the Kevin Jensen campaign has seized the momentum in this race.  It is time to keep the proverbial “foot on the gas pedal” all the way to the finish line.  Letting up now will allow them to regroup.  Continue to contribute to the campaign.  Your time is every bit as valuable to this effort as your money.  Check with the campaign, the DSA or the CPOA to see how you can help.  There will also be a new webpage launched for the PAC within the next few days providing more information, be sure to check it out.