The Top Ten of 2013

The holidays are here and I have family coming into town so my time will be elsewhere for a few days enjoying the season.  First and foremost, I wish all of you a safe and happy holidays with your loved ones.  Cherish your time together.

I have some things sitting on the back burner that I’ve been working on and more will come after Christmas… but for now, I leave you a reminder of what we’re fighting to change, for us, for our community, for our families…

The Top Ten of 2013
These are the posts that have received the most hits on my blog since July.

10. Stark Differences
9.   Failed Lessons in Delayed Justice
8.  Affecting Change Upon the “Unaffected Deputies” of Santa Clara County
7.  You are not Entitled to Your Own Reality
6.  The Sheriff’s Accepted Double Standard
5.  Is it legal, Sheriff Smith?
4.  Invisible
3.  Relationships Are Relative
2.  What are You Waiting For?
1.   Welcome Criticism and use it to try to do a Better Job Next Time.

One ponderable before I say “…Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”  Can anyone explain the division between “special operations” and “special units” as it exists on the Sheriff’s web page?  It’s driven me a bit crazy for years now…. I know, that explains a lot, right?

Merry Christmas!


One thought on “The Top Ten of 2013

  1. I know this has been touched on a bit in the past, but the citizens of Santa Clara County need to know they are not getting the services listed on the web page or even close to what it says. If the sheriffs office was a private entity, one could bring a law suit for false advertising based off the website.

    9 k9’s??? Also I noticed it was updated in 2012, if the community was wondering several of the items listed were not accurate in 2012 as well. If the sheriff actually told the community what she has cut the teams down to it would be embarrassing….

    People that live in Santa Clara county pay a large sum to live here and they deserve better from their sheriff.

    I generally like to provide a solution to a problem, but as we all know if you attempt to speak to the admin you will generally be punished by ways of the unwritten rules (freeway therapy etc) The best solution for the deputies and the community they serve is voting for Kevin Jensen for sheriff 2014


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