Kevin Jensen Takes His First Steps Towards a New Future

Submitted by Joe

On December 11, 2013 there was a retirement dinner for (Captain) Kevin Jensen at Sonoma Chicken Coop by the SJ airport.  My wife and I attended as did approximately 75 other friends of Kevin.  Of course there were numerous in attendance from (please pardon me if I use non-current politically correct terminology) the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Enforcement and Custody Bureaus.  There were current and retired Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Deputies, Correctional Deputies, and many non-sworn staff too.

I think all of us present on Wednesday consider ourselves lucky to have such a good friend.  The event moved along smoothly as several spoke words of admiration, thanks and encouragement.  Many talked about how they met Kevin and then continued with a story/roast and/or best wishes in the (near) future.  It must be mentioned that some of the stories were emotional and all were informative with a common theme of Kevin’s being friendly, honest, caring, and giving.  I am sure more would have spoken, including myself, but the evening snuck up quickly and there were two cakes to cut.  If the cakes were not filling enough for Kevin, he was also presented a bakers box full of burnt almond cupcakes.  As a side note, I know that box was not full when Kevin finally returned to the table…

The evening closed with a few emotional moments: wishing a friend a happy retirement, acknowledging they will miss him as a coworker, supervisor, mentor as well as hearing that several did not attend because it was easier to not attend instead of dealing with potential retaliation.  I thought that was odd, as this was a retirement dinner, not a meet and greet or fundraiser.  It only took a moment to realize that for some there was a sincere concern –  some pictures were taken to make a retirement (dinner) collage for Kevin but several in attendance asked for and received reassurance that the pictures would not be on any social media site.

We too also wish you, Kevin, and Julie the best.


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  1. Sad thing a Retirement Dinner with pictures and people fear retaliation for being in them. Sheriff, US, Asst Sher x2 whoever, no one should ever be fearful of a personal attack for attending a retirement dinner, lunch or whatever gathering. Some people garner more attention than some, but everyone deserves a pat on the back for 28 years in Law Enforcement. Thank you Kevin Jensen for your service to the people of Santa Clara County.


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