More Money, More Crime, More Ties to the Sheriff?

First we had Ron Batistella’s theft involving cars, then Sharath Sury and we had Supervisor Shirakawa and Clyde Berg now we have a whole new money scam in the Sheriff’s circle.

This morning the Mercury News announced  Yu Jen and Maria Chen  were indicted for a high stakes scam involving stealing luxury vehicles and exporting them to China, a couple of names that should be uncomfortably familiar to the Sheriff.  Yujen and Maria have several ties to well-known local politicians from my understanding but the one I can show you now is to the Sheriff.

For those of you who carefully combed the donation forms I posted some time ago for the Sheriff these names might sound familiar.    The couple each donated the maximum $500, for a total of $1000 to the sheriff in the last election.  You can see their donation information on page four of this public document.  How much deeper does this relationship go?  How many more people around her will be indicted and convicted of criminal activities?  Have these people participated with the Sheriff’s Advisory Board?  It seems the Sheriff has more than her share of people around her showing up in our courtrooms for all the wrong reasons.


8 thoughts on “More Money, More Crime, More Ties to the Sheriff?

  1. Sung couldn’t pay to make it through the San Jose Police Academy in 1999. He got canned and went to the SCCSO where he has paid his way all the way to Captain, so far! How many Korean restaurants in Cupertino are serving illegal Soju under the table without a liquor license too? Hmmmm. Only the Sung knows!


  2. Sorry, I forgot. The couple indicted are under house arrest. $3.3 million, ripped off from friends and neighbors, lease companies, etc. Shit , crime does pay.


  3. It’s early yet. More and more details and names will come forward as time moves on. When you look around, what do you see??….are they bubbling with experience or common sense??….no. They are just people, most get to where they are by who they know not what they did.


  4. Wait….isn’t that illegal??? Oh wait, that’s right….it’s Sung we’re talking about. Rules, ethics, morals and illegal acts don’t apply to him. Hey Sheriff, you get your money from all the dirty, immoral and illegal places you want. You’re still gonna lose come 2014!!


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