What Are You Waiting For?

“Hope is stronger than fear.  Fear does not work when there is hope.” — Catching Fire

“…you’ve given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it.”  — Catching Fire

I’ve held on to these for some time, but I think it’s time to let them go. I’ve made mention of these letters and their content, but now you can read them for yourselves.  It’s my understanding that the Sheriff has been sending her minions out in attempts to incite fear and send people scuttling back to their dark corners in submission.  That she has repeatedly pointed the finger at the DSA and accused them of being “the problem” here.

I’m going to be blunt.  The only problem with the DSA is from her perspective and it’s that the DSA is finally stepping up and is done with the pandering to her empty promises and the attempts to influence individuals on the DSA board to her goals rather than those of the body.  The promises she needed to make in her last election were to the body of the DSA.  She made the promises and failed in keeping a number of them.

In her fear and loathing as the DSA and CPOA moved to act on the next election, she sent the below letters to each of them.  Filled with veiled threats and outright demands, she attempted to bring two unions to heel, two unions who haven’t dared to stand up to her.  Until now.

That is the ONLY problem the DSA presents, and I ask you to remember that.

Our nation’s motto is “United we stand, divided we fall.”  This is true in any organization or team.  We work together or we lose.  We are a team or we are not.  We work towards a planned and accepted goal — getting Kevin Jensen elected — or we don’t.

I did not get these from a DSA board member, let me make that perfectly clear.  The argument will surely be that the DSA is trying to discredit her… I ask you, if she was afraid such letters would discredit her or put her in poor light, whose bad decision was it to send them then?

These letters are a desperate attempt at manipulation and a hard-core attempt to drive the point home that she has wealthy backers and politicos who are tied in with promises who will continue to support her, even in the face of widespread dissatisfaction among her workers.

Elections unfortunately are about money…  and I am here trying to explain to you, that you have an opportunity here, but you’re going to have to be brave enough to step up and give Kevin Jensen a fighting chance against a dug-in political entity who has no intention of going down without an ugly fight.  She made clear she’s happy to “get into the dirt” in the last election.  Don’t kid yourself that it won’t be the same this time around.

And if we allow fear to win, I’m sure the repercussions won’t be petty fits about what t-shirt you can wear or a ridiculous “inclement weather uniform” policy that would confuse a kindergartener with its intentional obtuseness.  Even when “77% of the DSA endorsed” her, as she points out, she was vindictive and petty.

When does it become worth stepping up and donating to Kevin Jensen to you?  Are you going to let fear win out over hope?  Remember, if each member of the DSA and CPOA, sans the 12, donated $99, not a name would she be able to get and our candidate, Kevin Jensen, would have the beginnings of a war chest worthy of battle.  What are you waiting for?  More of the same for another 4 years?

CPOA sheriffs letter img DSA Letter from sheriff


4 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. It must make her stomach turn to know that in the Sheriff’s Department family she has morphed into the evil, bitter “Step Mother”. Everyone just wants her to go away. When the public realizes, like the fairy tale, that the parent has absolutely no interest in what is best for the child, they will join the DSA and the CPOA and root for “Cinderfella” as well. What will be your legacy now Sheriff ? Is this the “happily ever after” ending you
    wanted ?



    As the two year “anniversary” nears, we WAIT and WAIT some more. How many correctional officers are STILL waiting for their “Correctional Deputy” badge? How many more are awaiting Sheriff Smith to do the right thing and re-open the application process?

    For those of you who do not know…In 2010, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors combined the Sheriff’s Office with the Department of Correction. When this happened the Sheriff’s Department went from a staff of 174 and added over 1,000 more employees into the S.O. See this http://www.sccgov.org/sites/bos/Management%20Audit/Documents/Review_of_Sheriff_and_DOC_Proposal_060310.pdf

    The first requirement was that all Correctional Officers (they ALL already had theier jobs some for over 22+ years) had to REAPPLY for their current jobs. This included a new application, background investigation and countless amounts of money spent on CURRENT employees already fit and working in the jail system. Some who did apply two years ago ARE still waiting to get the “coveted” Star badge!

    Then in December 2011, the acceptence of applications (for your current job) was HALTED and it is now TWO years since Sheriff Smith has taken any applications for Correctional Officers to apply for a “Star” badge. Why has it taken two years and NO progress on acceptance of applications has come up? Does Sheriff Smith not realize this is a HUGE point of contention in her jails with all staff members? If this is not known then WHY NOT?????

    Many senior officers decided that the wait and the drama was not conduscive to a positive working enviornment so they retired early and the department has suffered greatly with the loss of knowledge of the workings of the jail system. Staffing is never up to standards and with staff retiring faster than new hires are hired when will mandatory overtime be used to fill those empty positions?

    Maybe if the Sheriff, Under Sheriff and all those Assistant Sheriff’s on the 4TH Floor actually came to the jails they might notice the shortages of staff, the low morale and the issues that are currently on the minds of all of her employees.

    How much longer will we be punished for doing our jobs? If the Sheriff has no faith in her staff members then HOW can her staff have faith in her?



  3. I read both the letters. They come from a woman with no clue of what the troops really want. The Sheriff has enjoyed a strong following during her first few terms, but now as the truth comes out about her leadership, she shows there is some fear among her camp. The letters are stabs at mending fences that have been trampled long ago. The DSA used to support the Sheriff because she supported the troops. Those days are long gone as are the good times enjoyed by many in the Department. Today, you have those she likes (promotable persons/ fan club) and those she does not, sent to Jails, Transportation or worse never promoted and left to flounder in Courts. Time has come for a change, change is good. Just let all those admin types know that when things change, so does their future. Support Kevin Jensen for Sheriff, a man of integrity, honesty and vision. All things the Department needs. Keep up your hard work Casey, we are listening.


  4. Sheriff, I know you read this……please retire.

    There’s nothing you can do to get the confidence back from the troops…..Not even a true family day at the range.


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