Stark Differences

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Once again Sheriff Laurie proves her own idiom, “What is good for the goose, is NOT always good for the gander.” On November 19, 2013, Sheriff Laurie was at the Elmwood facility, throwing a barbecue of hotdogs, hamburgers, polish sausages, chips and salsa, soda pop and cookies for the inmates that have been working on her miniature, “Scooby” house for Christmas in the park. Also in attendance was A/S Shervington, Capt. Sepulveda and Capt. Beliveau. (Remember Beliveau, the one who took care of Aldon Smith…. but by who’s order????)

Traditionally, those that have worked custody in years past have used food as an incentive for inmates to complete tasks that were either messy or unusual throughout the jail system. However, once Sheriff Laurie took back the reins of the jails, the standing order for all custody staff was, “No food for inmate work, PERIOD.” Several Custody employees have actually received write-ups for violating the new edict.

Oddly enough, as Sheriff Laurie was in one area of the Elmwood Facility enjoying her BBQ with her captive audience, her Custody Deputies were just a few hundred yards away wearing N95 masks to protect themselves from the asbestos particles that were floating in their building (W-1 at CCW) while work crews were removing asbestos ceiling and floor tiles. Not so much a cookie or even a, “Hello” from the Sheriff for the likes of them. (Naughty, naughty CPOA members no doubt!)

asbestos cleaning

Asbestos removal is a very dangerous proposition.  It’s not something most recommend doing while people are walking around, masks or not.  There are specific legal parameters regarding exposure to asbestos.

Mesothelioma Resources says: “If you’re in a building where asbestos is being removed, be sure that the area is enclosed with sheets of plastic, that all materials removed are disposed of properly, and that air quality is constantly monitored during removal.  If you suspect that things are being done improperly, leave the building immediately.”

asbestos posting

While they Sheriff has an out-of-policy party for the inmates, her correctional deputies just feet away are being subject to a known hazardous material with long-term, life-threatening implications and none are sure if the removal is being done within compliance of the law.  Yet just feet away, unconcerned, she enjoys her burgers with the inmates.

We’ll let you wonder at the many facets this kind of leadership offers.  It certainly does bring understanding to the political field where her own personnel have stood so united against her, doesn’t it?


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  2. Sadly this isn’t the first time that custody staff have been forced to work in the same area where asbestos was being removed. Over the course of my career while I have been assigned to CCW, I can recall two other such times. In both previous incidents, the 0company hired to do the work had donned for safety gear, custody staff wasn’t even given a cheap paper mask, the kind that only last for approximately 15 minutes. PROPER safety equipment in an environment as such should include self-contained respirators or bare minimal a mask that lasts for hours and not just mere minutes. How many female officers assigned to that area over the years have ended up having miscarriages? How many officers have ended up with cancer that have been assigned to that area? the reality is this, the building needs to be permanently closed and demolished!


  3. I think that it is nice that the Sheriff was able to enjoy a meal at Elmwood with the only people there who could stand eating with her, namely command staff and criminals. Or is that the same thing?


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