…and the Poison Parade Continues

The earlier post by MarstheUsurper has opened a can of worms it seems.  I have been sent pictures of more warning postings and of one of the poorly sealed area that asbestos removal was occurring in.

I’ve been told that personnel were assured the area was safe, but were later told that no monitoring was occurring and later again, saw workers returning in hazmat suits after these assurances.  Personnel were advised the other day to wear masks as a “precaution” because it was unclear whether the facility was safe.

It appears this has been of great concern to personnel within the jail for some time now.  It sounds to me like the sheriff and the county owe staff and inmates some answers in regards to their personal health.

Another issue that has been brought to my attention repeatedly, and I have had 2 people contact me about tonight, is black mold.  I am still trying to gather information on the levels of black mold in the jails — another known carcinogen — that may not have been properly dealt with.

Information on the asbestos mitigation practices need to be made clear and it should be verified to all who have been in the vicinity that all laws, including monitoring for legal levels of asbestos contamination, were followed.

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