I’m still organizing my thoughts on some of the information from last night and will hopefully manage to untangle them and talk to you some about them tonight or in the morning.

A LOT of interesting and good things to say and we should all be very excited.

First Congratulations to the election winners and here is your new board:

President – Donald Morrissey
Vice-President – Roger Winslow
Treasurer – Moyse Howard
Recording Secretary – Raymond Giusti
Good & Welfare – Ramon Castro
Sergeant-at-arms – Fabian DeSantiago

Some of you may not have voted for each and every one of these people, but now is the time to rally together and support each other in our efforts.

It is important to remember that together, the DSA has a powerful public voice that can be used to communicate to the public that this office is in desperate need of positive change and that the deputies are fighting for that change in this next election.

It is important that we bring to the community a message that while deputies are professional and out there doing the best they can to support their communities, in order to keep doing that, the administration needs to change.  Professionals inside the office and around the county have all pointed out to the lack of ability to successfully interact with an increasingly retracted administration.  A problem that is starting to and will continue to increasingly impact the people within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction in a negative manner if change doesn’t occur at the ballot booth next year.

When the administration won’t work with other law enforcement agencies and groups, or picks and chooses which community members to support based on favoritism and personal benefit it’s time for a change.

Let’s be the voice behind that change.  Let’s be the voice behind Kevin Jensen and all he stands for that will benefit the community:  An ability to work with people, a desire to continue to improve the capabilities of the Sheriff’s Office, an understanding of the importance and effectiveness of real community policing, a desire to help deputies be the best they can be in their jobs and within their communities.  A man who doesn’t hold grudges and doesn’t seek retribution as a means of reinforcing his position.


11 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. Subzero, get your head out of the freezer. The majority of the Department wants change, from Deputies to LE Clerks, Records, Correctional Deputies, CSA’s, etc. Perhaps the captive group you deal with smile with glee when her name is mentioned, the rest of us wince and keep our comments quiet. After seeing the e-mail Captain Box of Rocks put out regarding his recommendations for promotion, I began to see how far we have fallen. When we were hired, things were explained as “we move you around every few years to expose you to everything”… Well shouldn’t the same be true for Admin?….20 years in the same chair?…..The only ones who will be happy if she is re-elected are those squarely holding onto her skirt. Having been through the last five elections, no candidate presented a real challenge to the Sheriff until now, Kevin Jensen is and has been a respected member of this Department for 28 years. How many of the new Captains, Sung, Rodriguez’s (both), Doty and others have the Department wide respect Kevin had.?….Let me count, NONE. Everyone who works under these Captains, laughs at the thought of any comparison to them and Kevin. It’s hard to respect a Captain who never did anything but kiss his/her way up the ladder. When issues arise (Quarry, Audrey Potts, etc) you see how these unprepared “leaders” are and how poorly it looks to other agencies and the public. Either way, anyone who works here wants to see things change, four decades of leadership under Sheriff Smith have done nothing but tear morale down, allow personal attacks and lead by fear and intimidation. Subzero, think about life W/O Laurie, will you still have your comfy office, car and rides in the limo?….Yes, because Kevin Jensen does not hold grudges.


  2. First and foremost, congratulations to all of the recently elected DSA board members, both incumbent and newcomer alike. Whether or not i voted for most or all of you, you now represent the Deputies of this agency and i hope you will take that role seriously as it is needless to say we are in a very tumultuous period in our agency’s history.

    Secondly, i wanted to say thank you to SubZero, and i want to emphasize i am not saying this facetiously. I think your commentary offers the people of this agency, obviously only the people willing to read this blog, the chance of an open dialogue between representatives of both sides of this contentious political season.

    That being said, i think there are some very important things to address in your comment to us, “followers.” You seem to have a fundamental lack of knowledge on how politics work. Kevin Jensen is in need of campaign funds because running against someone like the incumbent can be very expensive due to advertisements. While we know about Kevin Jensen’s propensity as a leader, the public will only find out by advertisements.

    Speaking of Kevin Jensen, you ask why the DSA is making a stand for him when there is a portion of the constituency that support the incumbent; this answer is a bit simpler than the intricacies of why Kevin Jensen is in need of money. While there are a few who support the Sheriff, the DSA can not act independently from what the majority of its members choose to do. For example, when we voted on who to support we voted at above 90% That means 90% of the people who voted chose to support Kevin Jensen. Just like when we voted for president of the United States, some people voted for the republican candidate, but the majority voted for Obama. That who is the majority wanted to run the country and Kevin Jensen is who the majority of the Sheriff’s office wants to not just represent them as the head of our department, but to lead us.

    While the people who do not want him in office may be upset over the fact the DSA has the desire to obtain campaign funds for Jensen, it must be recognized that it is doing so only on the behalf of the majority. How you can try and speculate that only the disgruntled deputies of this agency, those that you accuse of being upset of not getting what they wanted, are the ones leading the brigade is upsetting. 90% of us have chosen this candidate, 90% If 90% of your workforce is disgruntled, then there are some fundamental issues with your leadership ability.

    I think the most important thing to acknowledge in your post is towards the end, “When Sheriff Smith wins I cannot wait and see how people will come back to their senses and realize the disrespect they were a part of.” This is a perfect example of the mentality behind Laurie Smith and her followers. Where a dissenting opinion is viewed as disrespect. The most disturbing aspect of this comment is its validity. If the Sheriff wins we all know that the most vocal and ardent supporters of Kevin Jensen will have no choice but to resign themselves to whatever out of the way place the Sheriff decides to place them for their, “disrespect,” or go to another agency; there is no forgive and forget on the Fourth floor, only personal agendas and grudges.

    I think it’s safe to say the same will not be the case under a Kevin Jensen victory. There will be no fear of reprisals, no personal agendas, and no long lasting personal grudges which result in missed promotions, specialty positions, or patrol stints. The age of people being relegated to seven years of courts services might be over. Only time will tell.


  3. Dear Casey Thomas followers,

    I have a couple of questions I want you to ask yourselves. I’m hearing rumors that the DSA is discussing whether or not to spend money on Kevin Jensen. Is the general membership aware of what their money would be going toward? Why does he need money? I have heard the comment “the DSA is a strong voice… Political… Kevin Jensen”. People I ask you the question of why? Why is the DSA making a stand when numerous employees are happy and content with Sheriff Laurie Smith and her leadership. I’ve commented in the past about her as not only a leader, supervisor, but as a person as well. Guess what followers? The general public has seen what I am referring to. The public knows what is obvious. Sheriff Laurie Smith has not done a bad job. Our crime stats have never reached that of our nearby agencies. If it’s not broke why fix it… Or allegedly fix it? Is it simply becuae a select few did not get an extension or patrol or specialized unit? Or is it because some of you did not get promoted?

    When Sheriff Smith wins I cannot wait and see how people will come back to their senses and realize the disrespect they were a part of.

    Remember this Casey Thomas, we have to work here. We have made this agency last through the bad times and we continue to hire more and more recruits. Why? Because the Santa Clara County Sheriffs is a great agency.


    • Sorry there are more than a select few employee’s who did not get extended or promoted that have a problem with the way the department is run and who runs it.


    • SubZero, exactly what is your definition of a “great agency?” Perhaps you can give us specifics as to why you describe this department in that way. Please make those examples current, not things that occurred in the past.
      Saying it does not make it true. By the way, hiring new employees is not indicative of a good department. It is merely indicative of filling positions authorized by the Board.

      Do you think that the overwhelming support for Kevin Jensen came from a “select few” who did not get something they wanted? More than 200 votes are more than a “select few.” To characterize the 12 votes that she did receive as “numerous” is quite a stretch. I would say a tiny minority are satisfied with the job she is doing.

      If you object to the use of your funds to support Kevin Jensen, then you should go to the next DSA meeting and express your feelings. Expressing those opinions in a blog is not a very effective way influencing an organization.

      You ask why Kevin Jensen needs money. I assume this is a rhetorical question. I could ask why Laurie Smith needs money. She has sought funds from the Labor Council and it is safe to assume she will be holding fund raisers with her rich connections. If it is obvious to the public that she is doing such a great job, why does she have to expend any effort in this election? The pundits like Scott Herhold say that Kevin Jensen has no chance so why is she doing anything?

      Supporting one candidate over another is not “disrespectful.” It is democracy. To term it as disrespectful smacks of desperation by both you and your handler.


    • Well well well, if it ain’t the Sheriff’s mouth piece. I can almost hear her scripting your words. Nice try as always to take the focus away from the true problem.

      So it sounds like it didn’t take long for the Sheriff’s “mole” to provide a detailed recounting of the DSA meeting. This “mole” should feel great about their role in her corrupt attempt to influence the DSA.

      Why does KJ need money? To counteract the Sheriff’s lies of course.

      I guess if you stay in your little bubble of the 4th floor then yeah, your statement saying how numerous employees are happy with her and her leadership is great is accurate. Of course alllll the “bobble heads” up there will eagerly agree that not only is she a great leader but a great person too.

      As for the public seeing the “obvious” and that she has not done a bad job is a matter of perception. If all the heads start bobbing at once on the 4th floor then it HAS to be true, right??

      Unless the 90.4% of the department didn’t get an extension or promoted then your idea of “fact” is as warped as ideas put forth by that phony blogger mentioned in an earlier post.

      Yes, we have made it through the bad years. The last 16 years come to mind when I think of just how bad it’s become. The Sheriffs Office used to be a great agency. Unfortunately this is only true now if your one of the “chosen few” the Sheriff has deemed fit to rule over the peasants.

      Just remember the immortal words of one of our idiot Captains (box of rocks) when he stated in his email, “WE…… don’t want “THEM”…..representing, US!”
      The “we” & “us” represent the current leadership. The “them” are all of the other members of this once great agency.

      Do us a favor Sheriff, keep your “moles” and your admin outta DSA business and just retire.


      • I completely agree with boiling point. The sheriff and her bobble heads have created a hostile work environment! Kevin Jensen is a great man and is the answer to all of the problems we currently face.
        The community has been victimized for years and may not even know they have. The sheriff continually cuts corners and only acts if it is in her best interest. The public needs to see how much greater it could be with an ACTUAL leader. Go out and tell your friends about Kevin Jensen. My whole neighborhood was interested to hear about new leadership. Many many people are not happy with the current management and their continous short comings…..


    • Your comment is timestamped:
      “November 21, 2013 – 8:37 am

      Aren’t you on-duty at this time in the middle of the week? Yet another violation of policy? You can bet if your post was against the Sheriff, you’d be getting a visit from IAD right now. But when then again, you just follow the orders from above in your hierarchy right? Right nor wrong matters when it comes to following orders.


  4. Congratulations to Don, Roger and the rest of the newly elected DSA Board! Any hope the Sheriff had of controlling the Association has vanished. She is on the run as her power slips away. Tonight I will open a bottle of Gordon Biersch (The Official Beer of The Deputy Sheriffs Appreciation Night) Blonde Bock and toast the new officers while I reminisce about the great times I have had under the tenure of Laurie Smith.


  5. Good job DSA. Now it’s time to move foreword, repair the damage and dig in for the long fight. Congrats to Don, Roger, Moyse and all the new additions. Now let’s get Kevin Jensen elected.


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