Responding to a Request to “Address the Facts”

There is a blog making some claims out there… claims they’re trying to attempt to call fact.  The person behind this blog is not only making wild accusations, but attempting to disingenuously use my name to discredit the DSA with their own personal version of reality.

This blog starts with:

“The DSA talks about transparency – but are they hiding information from you?  Who is the DSA president really?  So you think it’s Dennis Moser…….really?

He retired from the Sheriff’s Office in January – didn’t he tell the DSA membership or anyone else?”

I’m pretty sure everyone who was interested was aware Dennis Moser had retired and wasn’t the DSA President.  That Roger Winslow and his counterparts on the Board have been working together to get a vote together for the new DSA board members… a vote we have discussed openly and frequently here on my blog.  No secrets.  Everyone I’ve talked in the recent past right up until today to was aware of the status of Dennis Moser.

This blog further claims:

“This May [the DSA board] changed the CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS and removed the sentence that said [Dennis Moser] could not hold office.  This was apparently done unilaterally without the required mail out vote to the members.

So now he can be president and be retired.  Do you really want the BYLAWS to allow a retired person to be an officer?

Hmmmm, has he been getting the $800.00 per month presidential salary?”

I have found no evidence to support this claim in my conversations and research. No bylaw change and no evidence that Dennis Moser has remained as an officer after his retirement.

It’s my understanding that all monies due to Dennis and all monies due to the DSA union were exchanged with his final check.  It’s also my understanding that anyone who is interested in further verifying this can do so by requesting to see the financials at the DSA office that would cover this matter.

The person hiding behind my name then goes on to state:

“Maybe DSA board members are not the Keystone Kops – maybe they are just purely corrupt.”

Well, my response to that is when a person is corrupt, they expect everyone else to be as well.  You have proven your quality by using the benefit of my name in an attempt to discredit the DSA union with what appears to be nothing short of a pack of lies.

This windstorm finally winds down with:

“I am often asked by members of other police unions – “How can DSA members let their union officers get away with what they are doing?”

Would these be the same police unions that just all endorsed Kevin Jensen to be our next Sheriff?  Those police unions? And so many of their retired chiefs as well? Yes, they’ve made perfectly clear to all of us, very publicly now, where they feel the problem lies in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office with their endorsements.  Perhaps the blogger wasn’t aware of that.  They seem to be unaware or misinformed of a number of things.

I asked myself why this person would come out now in an attempt to attack the DSA.  It’s interesting that they seemed to not realize last night a new president would be elected making the entire Dennis Moser chapter moot, even if it was true.  It’s interesting that when I asked if they would show up to the meeting to give voice to their complaints to the DSA the answer was a simple “Nope.”  Yet this person continued to demand I “address the facts” via 140 characters.  Right.

It’s interesting that latches onto my name to name their blog — in the hopes people would mistake him for me?  In the hopes people would respond on the blog so they could harvest IP addresses through comments?  In the hopes to weaken my voice?  In the hopes to try to establish a distrust in the DSA which is gaining power through its membership as they have a record number of people with each action they take?  Unions united are powerful forces and rightfully so.  There have been a lot of complaints about unions, but the Sheriff’s Office is an example of why unions and a united workforce are so important.  United we stand, divided we fall.  If they’re allowed to divide us, to divide our voices, that takes power away from our efforts to get Kevin Jensen elected.

Why now?  I would guess all of the above.

Again, the actions of this blogger… trying to hitch onto my wagon, creating a blog that is filled with mistruths, using an image that is meant to be insulting, using a blog name that is intended to make fun of the DSA VP implying he’s mentally handicapped in a schoolyard manner that makes it appear it’s okay to make fun the mentally handicapped….all this, helps us to understand exactly the mentality that exists on the fourth floor and in how this administration interacts with others.

At this point, I don’t think they’re smart enough to realize that when they come out here acting like children, claiming their own set of “facts” and showing nothing but utter contempt for those who want to work in a professional environment once again, that they’re not helping their cause; they’re underlining our cause.

As someone smart enough to use a name to ridicule the mentally handicapped pointed out to me last night – “Facts are facts.”  The above information are the facts regarding the DSA and Dennis Moser’s retirement to the best of my ability to find.   Don’t take my word, or the word of someone else if you have questions.  Go request to see for yourself if you have doubts.


4 thoughts on “Responding to a Request to “Address the Facts”

  1. For what it is worth, if someone retires after being out on leave, such as long term disability, it is not unusual that the actual date used for retirement is backdated. And if someone is out on workers compensation, such as California Labor Code 4850, it is not uncommon for the retirement date to be when that benefit expires. If you want to know more about this subject matter contact CalPERS.


  2. This new blogger sounds like they should have been at the SBLC meeting too. They would have hit it off with that person who blasted the DSA & CPOA.

    It’s funny how this phony blogger takes umbrage with their supposed conspiracy theory of Dennis Moser being brought back after being retired. Where’s the outrage listed in this phony blog as it pertains to the Sheriff’s “Hit Squad” being brought back out of retirement to investigate Deputies and conduct immoral & unethical investigations? These thralls are retired AND being paid as a contractor ($60+/hour) to continue the Sheriff’s reign of tyranny. Where’s this phony bloggers issue with that?

    You call the DSA corrupt? To use this phony bloggers own analogy if this whole Moser conspiracy were true and IF the DSA were paying him then what the Sheriff’s doing must be down right illegal!! Where’s the “fact” in that with the phony bloggers vitriol?

    Another interesting point is how the phony blogger says they’re often asked by other members of other police unions why the DSA is so “corrupt”. My question is, how do these other members know about DSA business? Oh that’s right, the phony blogger is providing them with the same sort of “facts” they post on their phony blog. I guess if these other police unions get fed lies, then what else can be expected?

    It speaks volumes about this phony bloggers character when they castigate someone for their appearance. This sounds an awful lot like that poor pathetic “victim” Captain Rodriguez who chose to tear down instead of build up. At least the phony blogger is consistent with Admin practice of their zero tolerance policy as it pertains to positive leadership.

    Of course none of us who have been here longer than 5 years are surprised that the Sheriff is trying to trap peoples IP addresses so that the punishment can commence.

    Phony blogger…..look in the mirror if you want to see why we want and NEED new leadership.


    • So now we have another administrator who’s jumping into the blogosphere and adding their 2 cents worth. This Casey Thomas wannabe is another example of what’s wrong with our office. I may not have as much time on as some of you, but what I’ve seen is not good. The sheriff is a terrible leader and is not that nice of a person either. She should do us all a favor and resign.


  3. I have been reading this blog (Casey Thomas) for the last few months. I’ve read some interesting stories about promotions, a very nasty e-mail and many about the problems that occur daily within the Sheriff’s Office. Many of these stories are obviously one sided, but with no one from the other side (Admin) to give their side, so I have to go with the written word. What bothers me the most about all of it, is the amount of people fed up with how they are treated and their chances for promotion and assignments to special units. What happened to the “Pride” and “Professionalism” this Department had in the past?. When a sports team loses it’s coach is the one in the cross hairs, not individual players. In this case shouldn’t the same be true.? Deputies are an extension of the Admin, they are the ones in the public eye and deal with the problems society shoves at them on a daily basis. I enjoy reading this blog, it’s my legal right to be free of persecution and exercise my rights of freedom of speech. Keep up the good work CT, spread the word, educate those who have no clue and foremost, keep it professional. Congrats to Don on his election to DSA President.


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