Fair Disclosure – Use a Prophylactic

updated 11/19/2013 @ 14:13

It’s come to my attention that someone may have created a blog as an IP trap (a means of harvesting your IP through webpage hits or in this case, the hopes that the challenge will entice you to post to their blog revealing your IP for them to try to track) out there piggybacking on my name, Casey Thomas, in the hope they can draw off my popularity on the search engines.

It’s my understanding that this may be someone from the administration attempting to goad people into responding and thereby potentially giving up a path to their identity through their IP address.  They may be trying to catch people who may be making statements in favor of Kevin Jensen for Sheriff or perhaps surfing while on duty.

So if you’re out there surfing, on or off duty, and see something that may be interesting, remember, use your prophylactic before posting.  There is no good reason to make it easy for these people dropping such blatant bait out there hoping to find someone to make an example of.

Make sure you’re using a VPN (virtual private network) on your computer and your smartphone to access the internet.  There are a number of good options for both.  The below has some information on what a VPN is, what to look for, as well as lists some of those choices.  Remember, you’re never completely anonymous out here, but don’t make it easy  for these people by give away your real IP to these people.


If you have questions or concerns about anything out there with my name on it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.  You are safe here.  I’m not an IP trap, I’m not a Sheriff’s Shill trying to gain favors by finding you.

More on this to come in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Fair Disclosure – Use a Prophylactic

  1. It continues day after day, the constant banter on who CT is. Aren’t we all Casey Thomas?…people who care about the Department, fight the unjust treatment of those who are knocked around repeatedly. If I was king, I would want CT on my side because obviously with 50,000 hits, this column is the official mouth-piece of the SO. Keep up the good work CT.


  2. They need to be careful, not everyone that reads or responds to CaseyThomas is under the “Admin” control. Certain people may enjoy the engagement legally should their Civil Rights be violated!


    • I know, right? We now have some new blood in the game and a president who I heard was already offering many thoughtful suggestions at the DSA meeting. Congratulations Don!!

      I just would like to say thank you for all of the people who voted. 70% is by far the largest turnout since I’ve been here. It was nice to hear about the actual percentage of votes the new president received. Congrats to all the new DSA board members too.

      Thanks for your vote too “acouplewiseguys”. Every vote counted.


  3. Sage advice but you should also remind those who are attempting to learn your identity or that of anybody else who is writing or posting on this site that if they are doing so on duty, using government computer systems or worse, using any system intended for criminal investigations, they are quite possibly committing a crime, even if the Sheriff told them to do it. Nobody, including the Sheriff, is above the law. If anybody is doing these things either on their own, or at her request, and thinks that if caught, she will come to their aid, then I have a bridge to sell to them. I can not say that the Sheriff has committed any crimes now or in the past but she has often walked a narrow path especially in union tampering. The world was not paying much attention in the past but with 5000 hits a week on this blog, the invisibility cloak has been removed.


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