Vote, Talk, Donate, Get BUSY!

Taking the rest of the weekend off and leaving you with a few thoughts:

DSA – VOTE!  You only have a handful of days left and no one to silence you but yourself.  Besides, you know the old standard:  No voting, no bitching.  We’ll hold you to it this time.

Donate— $5, $50, $100, Kevin Jensen needs your support and he needs to let people know he’s good for the long haul. Make the man a contender.

Give Your Time — Things are going to ramp up quickly come the New Year and bodies will be important, make sure your name is on the list and you’re ready to go when you’re called to duty.

Get the Gear –  Both Kevin Jensen For Sheriff and Santa Clara County Keystone Kops gear is available now — Any profits  that come in between now and the election will be donated to the Kevin Jensen campaign to support his election efforts.  It’s a minimum of $20 a month for a royalty check to come in, right now we’re only at around $13.00 for this month.

Have a safe and fun weekend and we’ll see you next week.


One thought on “Vote, Talk, Donate, Get BUSY!

  1. Keep it going CT. The general public that I bump into are talking. They are starting to see what goes on behind closed doors. Every chance I get I pass the word. They Sheriff’s interview is a prime example. The general public are eating that up.


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