Lesson Learned?

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Before I begin, take a second to look at the list of “Good” & “Bad” leadership traits posted under an earlier blog, “Leadership”.   The problem with a large percentage of our Admin is they have never actually led anyone.  They were promoted before their time, failed to “earn” their promotion the right way, had no respect from their peers and often times were promoted for the simple reason they could be “controlled”.  This goes against what a good leader is.

I think our Admin who will be attending our own in-house leadership training might mix up the two columns of “Good” & “Bad”.  Most of our Admin (not all) exhibit much more of the “Bad” than the “Good”.  Here are a few of the “Bad” traits listed in the pictures – Poor Communicator, Lack of Common Sense, Poor Role Model, Micro Manager and my personal favorite, Autocratic.  There are numerous others but I chose some I felt are demonstrated daily by some of our “Leaders” (Under Sheriff Hirokawa, AS Neusel, Captain Rick Sung and Captain Dan Rodriguez).  Take a moment and think of your interactions with these people and I’m sure we can all find examples of these “Bad” traits in each of them.  Heck, Under Sheriff Hirokawa won’t even look at you when he talks to you (that is IF he talks to you).

Some of you may be asking, “So, what does this have to do with the Sheriff?”  It has everything to do with her.  She promoted these people.  Remember when she arrogantly stated, “I only promote the best qualified”?  Are these our best qualified?  Remember Deputy Jeremy Jones?  He’s more “qualified” than all of the above mentioned Admin when it comes to leadership traits listed in those pictures.  He hasn’t went to the “class” yet or had the “honor” of being promoted.  He got to where he is through hard work and determination.  Maybe the Sheriff should have him teach a class??  Just don’t promote him yet.  Don’t pull him into your web and poison him with your lies and ruin him with your vengeful politics.

Back to the “Best Qualified”.  If these are our departments best, then why do they need to be taught leadership?  It’s weird how up until a few months ago, they were effective just the way they were.  What’s changed?  Is it the fact the DSA didn’t support you?  Is it that CT has been highlighting the seemingly never-ending screw ups by you and your so-called ‘Best and Brightest”?  You see Sheriff, you still don’t get it.

I attended the Hero’s run with my family and couldn’t help but notice the ongoing childish behavior you and your Admin continue to exhibit.  I saw you give your speech.  I gotta give you credit on the Woody Costume.  You looked good and it was nice to see a different side of you.  I think I even saw you smile once or twice.  I had heard rumors that the event might turn into a “political” event but was pleasantly surprised to see that up until your speech it hadn’t.  I didn’t mind the fact you had your select Admin there in uniform.  I saw many of them walking around and talking to people in attendance.

When Mike Honda and other speakers mentioned the DSA the crowd clapped and cheered, but you and your chosen few stood motionless.  Not even a half-hearted attempt to acknowledge the DSA’s contribution.  Nothing.  Not a nod, a smile or even a single hand clap.  I scanned the crowd and saw Under Sheriff Hirokawa, AS Neusel, Captain Sung and Captain Dan Rodriguez standing there, jaws tight and their arms glued to their sides.  This was disgusting and childish behavior.

The race started and I ran with my family.  When we finished the run, I took my family to the DSA booth (Which had one of the largest crowds due to the games they had for the kids) to get one of the prizes.  I noticed all the DSA members were dressed in DSA shirts and were having a good time with the kids and their parents.  There were no politically centered materials present and no one was saying anything about the upcoming Sheriff’s election.  It was simply a good interaction with the public.

I hung around the “toys” in the center so my kids could play and look around.  I watched the DSA booth and saw as numerous members of your Admin simply walked right by them despite the large number of people around the booth having a good time.  No acknowledgement, no greeting, no thanks for being out there or helping with the event.  Nothing.  Again, this was disgusting and childish behavior.  I asked a few DSA members if any Admin stopped by.  Apparently only one brave leader stopped by and chatted with them.  I won’t say who because I don’t want to them to get in trouble for violating any order.

What a wasted opportunity to show the public that you and your Admin do care about this department and everyone in it.  What a wasted opportunity to show your “Keystone Kops” that you got the “message” we sent you by backing your opponent.  What a wasted opportunity to show that you or your Admin actually give a damn about the employees you supposedly lead.  You know, maybe actually exhibit some of the “Good” leadership traits that were listed instead of just re-enforcing the “Bad”.  It’s clear that the traits listed on those charts in those leadership classes are just words to you and your administrators.

Is it any wonder you failed to gain any support from your rank and file?  Is it any wonder members of your department want new leadership both at the top and several layers below you?  Oh well, I guess it’s back to the “drawing board” for you and your Admin.  This time, try actually demonstrating some of the “Good” traits instead of simply agreeing with them so you can point to them as proof that you know what TRUE leadership is about.

To those of you out there who are still not “committed” to getting someone of actual worth in the top spot.  I ask you, are these the types of people you want leading this department?  Are these the types of people you want leading you?  Kevin Jensen knows what good leaders are made of.  He demonstrates these traits each and every day.

Step up and donate money and/or time  and show support for Kevin Jensen.  Together, we CAN make a difference!!!




4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned?

  1. Anonymous,

    You are right on the money when it comes to our current admin. They are not leaders and have not been there to inspire us to be great. They have been there to find our faults and to continually investigate us and punish us. Morale has been at an all time low in the past year because of the tyrants at the top. A leader is someone we look up to and want to be like. I can’t imagine wanting to be like captain Rodriguez, u/s hirokawa, captain doty, a/s neusel or captain sung.

    I then look at ret. captain Kevin Jensen and can think of numerous reasons why I want to follow him and be more like him!!!

    Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. —Jack Welch

    I read this quote the other day and thought what are these so-called leaders doing to grow others… They aren’t! Dangling carrots to get new puppets for the puppet show does not count as growing others…


    • “I can’t imagine wanting to be like captain Rodriguez, u/s hirokawa, captain doty, a/s neusel or captain sung.” Didn’t some of these guys do some really stupid things like emailing a degrading opinions about fellow deputies, hang with escorts and put a deputies life in danger by ordering him into the gen pop at the jail and not protective custody.


    • Anonymous you ought to start writing more. You are concise and on point. I read your post and could not agree with you more. Our current leaders are for the most part a joke (Several Sgt’s, Some Lt’s, most Capt’s and on up the chain). There are NO administrators that I can think of who actually try and grow their subordinates. Why is that? Are they afraid of people who are actually qualified getting into a position of authority? Would it topple their house of cards or upset their balance of power? Is it no wonder that no one with more than 3 years on patrol wants to put in for FTO? Most of the latest FTO’s only did it in order to avoid courts not because they want to help grow the next batch of Deputies. We all know Deputies who would make great Sergeants but when they are asked why they don’t promote they most commonly say…..”I don’t want to deal with all that crap!” Now it’s not the crap of supervising people or being responsible for a team. It’s the crap of dealing with an overbearing and tyranical admin.

      Who want’s to expose themselves and their careers to people who spent next to no time in patrol or couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paper bag with a pick axe! I can’t believe our Sheriff actually thinks that some of her recent Sergeant promotions were the “Best and Brightest” as mentioned above (I personally know she has stated numerous times, “I promoted them?”). Some of these promotees have just barely 3 years on the department. Just because they can pass a written test and repeat the correct answer on an oral panel doesn’t make them suitable to lead? These are the people who will be promotable to Lt, Capt etc…. It’s no wonder we’re in the mess we are in. It seems the way to get ahead in a Laurie Smith department is to NOT be a leader and simply conform. I can think of many examples where people are punished or exiled for stating their own views that go against her wishes.


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