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Why Kevin Jensen is the right Choice

Go head, read the link and come back and we’ll talk.

Now that you’ve read that, Is that the kind of person you want to work for?  Is that the kind of office you wish you represented when you put on your uniform every day?  Do you think when you go into that office for your shift you’ll be wondering “what next?” in regards to your bosses rather than your next call?  Do you think you might actually get a fair shake in that office when it comes to promotions and assignments?  Being heard?  Not being punished for having an opinion?  

Some one made a very good point in my comments, I believe it was yesterday (for those of you who don’t read all the comments).  We are a force to be reckoned with.

They pointed out there are about 1,100 men and women in the CPOA and DSA.  Discounting a handful of sellouts who feel their bread is buttered with selling out their ethics, threatening their subordinates to protect their climb up the ladder and showing up to publicly demean their own peers for in exchange for…. well, we’ll get to that another time, soon… there are a lot of people who can make a difference with just a small effort.

I think the vast majority, if not all of us can afford $99, both literally and in regards to our sense of security.  If 1000 of us donated $99 tomorrow, That’s $99,000.  If you can afford more, give another $99 from your wife or husband or significant other.  If 500 of our “better halves” give $99 that’s $49,500.  Not one of your names goes on the public filing if you keep your per person donation under $99.  No one has to know that you contributed.  There is no risk of Sheriff Laurie ever finding out you support Kevin Jensen as a better candidate for the job.

Imagine if you can get your friends and neighbors who have been or will be affected by this negative, downward spiral the office is in to contribute as well.  Every penny counts. From $5 to $1000 (the maximum you can contribute), all of it goes towards trying to bring this office to a better place for it’s employees and to make it a better service for the community you serve. 

Campaigning isn’t cheap.  And our word of mouth is great and important, but it is only one part of the fight against the problems that have overwhelmed the current administration.  Sheriff Laurie will be hauling in the cash — we’ve already seen how “promises” are made and kept when it comes to endorsements in Lance Scimeca’s piece on the South Bay Labor Council, why would it be any different with money.  We all saw the commercial the Sheriff released just days before the last election, on top of the tens of thousands she had already spent on air time to tell people how much she really, truly cares about public safety.  We need to be ready, we need to make sure Kevin Jensen is ready for her when she lashes out with her final, ugly effort.  We need to make sure his name is known and what he stands for is known BEFORE the end of this race.

$99.  It’s not a lot.  It’s an extremely small investment in order to bring about a happier work environment, a safer work environment.  A more respected work environment. 

Please Donate to the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff Campaign.  Help us win and bring respect back to the office.

How to donate:

1.  Fill out the form at Kevin Jensen’s website — you will need to include “n/a” in the second address block as it is a required field.  If you don’t it will give you an alert to fill it out.  This information is for reporting purposes and won’t go anywhere it’s not supposed to.

2.  Hit the submit button – this will take you to paypal’s donations page where you can pay for a donation to Kevin Jensen’s campaign with your Paypal account, your credit card or your debit card.  If you have a Paypal account sign in, you know the rest.  If you don’t, there is a link to the left of the sign in form to pay by credit card or other means.

3.  Fill out the information, submit your donation.  Remember, if you don’t want your name on the campaign disclosure filings, donate $99 or less, this is per person.  So you and your spouse can each donate $99 in each of your names without appearing on the disclosure filings.  If you don’t mind your name on the disclosure filings, you can donate up to $1000.  You can donate up to $1000 per person total.

There are no surprises and it’s easy and it will increase the potential of a better working environment and a better future.

PS – Yes, those in my household have already donated.


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