That’s a big number.  Bigger than I thought I would see.  That number represents how many hits we’ve had here.  38,000+ are from the last 10 weeks alone.  So you can see we’re getting some attention here.  We’re certainly no mainstream, million hits a day kind of game, but we’re beginning to reach the people we want to reach.  Remember, we can’t win this election on our own.  It is important that you take what you know and bring it to those around you in your lives.  Let them know why it’s time for a change.  The more you talk, the more you’re willing to stand up for what is right, the better the chance change happens.

Talk to your community leaders, when you’re in a local business you frequent, ask them to support Kevin Jensen in the next election.  Grassroots campaigns work, word of mouth works.  You just need to make sure that you’re out there talking.

Let them know that Kevin Jensen offers the community a better opportunity for the community to work with law enforcement.  Kevin Jensen is more interested in community outreach and providing more than just what your willing to trade for services.  He is more interested in a strong relationship between voters and deputies.  He is interested in ethics and transparency that the Sheriff’s office has been sorely lacking.  He is interested in strengthening the services that have been deteriorating under the current office holder.

On a final note, I promised any profits off the cafe press page would go to the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff Campaign.  Apparently I will be getting the first rather small, but every penny counts, payment in and as I said, I will donate it.  I will continue to do this through out the campaign if any other payments come in, so if you wish to purchase a shirt or a mug or a magnet, I now have both Kevin Jensen for Sheriff and Proud to be a Keystone Kop merch.

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”
― William Faulkner


2 thoughts on “40,000

  1. My fellow commenter above does an excellent job covering the donation side. He’s right on when he says we have strength in numbers when in comes to raising money.

    I would like to address the other side of our grassroots movement. Yes KJ needs money but he’s also going to need volunteers. If we can get just 10% (20%-30% would be even better) of the 2 unions to volunteer their time that’s about 110 people willing to walk, talk and promote KJ to the public. Think about how many people (if any) are going to do any of these for the incumbent? I’m betting zero!!!

    KJ should have a veritable army willing to walk neighborhoods, call on phone banks, go to shopping malls, movie theaters, parking lots or places like Costco and pass out info on KJ to the public. Get his name out any way we can. Heck, maybe even put one of the recently created Kevin Jensen for Sheriff bumper stickers on your car or family/friends cars. The point is, if we truly want KJ to win (and I think we all do) then we need to be willing to fight the good fight with more than just money.

    I prefer to fight the battle face to face and use my donations to further the fight with media and other forms of advertising. We’re cops and we don’t run from fights, we face them, head on. Donate money and then sign up to donate your time as well.

    Let’s win this!!!


  2. Taking this blog and the following one by Lance Scimeca, it should be obvious to all that this is a grass roots campaign. Laurie Smith is not good at much but she has spent the last 15+ years mastering the political game. She has already done her quid pro quo with other politicians. You know, “I will back you if you back me.” She also uses intimidation (another one of her finely honed skills) on others to back her. How she intimidates people outside of the department is beyond me, but she does it. Her list of political hacks reminds me of this quote from The Godfather. ” I need, Don Corleone, all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.” Cheap politicians are cheap politicians whether they be fictional or real. They have never had the best interest of the rank and file. If they did, they never would have taken the jails away from the Sheriff. The Old Guard are afraid of an unknown like Kevin Jensen. He is too honest. They know they won’t receive favors from him. Things like George Shirakawa’s body guard or the “Day at the Range” purchased at a fundraiser by a member of the Saratoga City Council who then brought the other four members of the Council. (Anybody see a potential violation in the Brown Act?)

    From Lance’s blog, the South Bay Labor Council is just more cheap politicians taking care of each other. Who cares? Santa Clara County is not a big labor county as most workers are not and do not consider themselves labor. I would venture to say that those who are in labor, don’t listen to a bunch of office dwellers who don’t really represent them. Most people whether they be blue or white collar, make their own decisions and will vote for someone who reflects their values and interests.

    I keep hearing that an unknown like Kevin Jensen has no chance against an incumbent. Bullshit. Jeff Rosen was an unknown and he beat an incumbent. Four years ago, Rich Calderon didn’t get his campaign started until January so he had less than five months to get his name out yet he got 77,000 votes. That election had little media attention as they focused on the DA’s race. This time Kevin had a much earlier start and there is no DA race so the media may focus on this race. As more of the Sheriff’s little faux pas’s come out, they will realize there is a story there.

    Most importantly what Kevin Jensen has is the members of the DSA and the CPOA. We are the key to the success of his campaign. For Kevin to succeed, his campaign needs money and he needs it know. The movers and shakers don’t jump into a race early when the candidate is not known. They jump in when they see he can raise money. In politics, money begets money! $100,000 in the bank by the end of December will show that Kevin can win. I suggest that every member of the CPOA and the DSA gives ourselves and our families a $99.00 Christmas gift. Give ourselves the gift of going to work each day in an environment free from the repressive atmosphere that now exists, free from intimidation for supporting a candidate, free from promotions based on favoritism rather ability, free from a place where our equipment and training facilities are not raffled off to the highest bidder or political crony and where the boss doesn’t blame us for her own failings. If all 1100 of us give $99.00, Kevin will have the $100,000 he needs to to prove the pundits and politicians wrong. Man that will feel good!


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