Violent Illegal Immigrants will Continue to get Special Treatment in Santa Clara

Supervisors Stick with Lenient Santa Clara County Immigration Policy

Even in the face of a dead mother, the most violent of illegal immigrants, even those who would hold a gun to a small child’s head, and later come back to actually kill the child’s mother, will continue to get special treatment in the county of Santa Clara.

Our latest candidate for Mayor of San Jose, Dave Cortese, wholeheartedly supports this ideology with his vote.

We all want immigration reform, but Santa Clara County is continuing to get it wrong.  Making the decision in favor of a violent criminal over the security of the people of the county is wrong.  They are not only making the decision for the county, but for every city in this county who makes an arrest and brings a detainee to the county jail system.  They are putting every one of us in danger by refusing a “worst of the worst will be held” policy.  All under the theory that it will ruin relationships with immigrants in the county. 

I continue to be hard pressed to believe that even the immigrants of Santa Clara County can be okay with allowing violent criminals out when we have a chance to remove them from our community in a legal and relatively efficient manner.

And where is our Sheriff on this one?  Our Sheriff who so candidly weighed in to support this issue in the past?  The woman who ordered that ICE is to be called under no circumstances and the woman who oversees the jail that allowed Mario Chavez to walk out after threatening his small son’s life and brutally kill his domestic partner?  Did she buy into the argument that deporting Chavez would be “breaking up families” and that would wrong?  I wonder how those kids feel about that argument today.  I’m going to guess she was in support of what happened today since she has endorsed Dave Cortese and all he stands for as San Jose’s next mayor.

Thank you to Mike Wasserman and to Joe Simitian for realizing that there is a line to be drawn.  That the protection of our communities from violent criminals comes first and foremost over the rights of an illegal immigrant who has committed a violent crime. 

Shame on those who pander to the public safety issue and that cast that safety aside — Cindy Chavez, there may be less crime to report if the estimated 15% that are violent criminals and illegal immigrants can be dealt with through the immigration system rather than released back onto our streets.  You had the swing vote, you had the decision in your hands.  It’s a shame.  Perhaps you can stop by and see Maria Casillas’ children before you go home tonight and explain to them… their mom just wasn’t as important as the “fair” treatment of her murderer.


One thought on “Violent Illegal Immigrants will Continue to get Special Treatment in Santa Clara

  1. The entire County Board of Supervisors have shown a blatant disregard for the citizens of this County. They are elected to represent the citizens of this County, not the illegal-criminals. What is their motive? And as for our so called Sheriff, she should have stood there side by side with DA Rosen making the case for protection of the County citizens. Rosen appears to be the only one with some degree of sanity in our criminal justice system. For every death, every rape, every burglary, every robbery committed by these criminals, which this County Board and Sheriff releases, the blood is on their hands. May God have mercy on their souls.


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