Hi, my name is Ann Swerr and I am a blogger.

I have some people back under new guises attempting to discredit me for my “anonymity.”  I do kind of laugh because I could stand in front of these people in conversation and tell them I was Casey Thomas and they wouldn’t have any idea whether I was telling them the truth or not.  Ironically, in their argument, they’re failing to realize that any name I put up here, real or otherwise, won’t remove my anonymity for you.  For several reasons.  You still will only be assuming any name I give you is “real” based on what you think you know and understand about me, which is likely wrong as well.

But I digress.  Allow me to address my detractors’ point that there is no honor in anonymity.

Anonymity holds a great point of pride in the development of our nation, the pride of America.  If you’re historically inclined, you’re aware of amusing anecdotes such as Franklin’s Silence Dogood, to the far more serious and wide-impacting Federalist Papers, authored by “Publius” in the Independent Journal, the New-York Packet, and the Daily Advertiser.  The authors are now of course known as our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.  Then of course we have the corresponding Anti-Federalist papers, authored by “Cato”, “Centinel”, and the “Federal Farmer” among many others.  Some of those authors are not even known to this day, but others are known: George Clinton, Robert Yates and Samuel Brian among other names.

Because of Publius, we have our Constitution.  Because of the varied authors of the Anti-Federalist papers, we have our Bill of Rights.

While I’m certainly no Publius or Federal Farmer, and I am not seeking to build or save a nation, my case is no more unsubstantiated by what name it’s made under than theirs was.

The value isn’t in the name of the author.  The value is in the information being proffered.  Why do you need to know my “real name”?  What do you base your assumption on that Casey Thomas isn’t my real name, or a real “nickname” or other generally used moniker of fact, so to speak?  And in the greater conversation about the problems facing the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, what does it matter?

I take those who would rather address my name rather than the issues with a grain of salt.  That you feel my name is of greater concern to you than the issues being put on the table is its own tell about you.

Please, if I’m wrong, refute me.  With facts.  With information. Under whatever name you wish.  Not with a personal assault on a name.  You offer no value to the conversation when you do that.  You offer nothing but a poor attempt at subterfuge for a woman who doesn’t deserve what you are giving up to protect her.

Yours truly,

Joe King (Not really)


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