Local Traction — Doesn’t our 4th House Care in Santa Clara County

The Investigative Unit did a good job on laying out the treatment that Sheriff Smith has given to Aldon Smith in at least two instances in her office.  They currently have a follow-up on Aldon Smith turning himself in and his pending court dates (Nov 12 and 19th, I believe).

Unfortunately some local media outlets… as in virtually all until today, have remained silent about our “popular” Sheriff and the special treatment, and her inappropriate associations involving someone under investigation for weapons felonies, both during and after a party at Aldon Smith’s house.

It’s one thing to rush some one through the process to put them into the hands of their coach after a DUI.  It’s an entirely different thing when you’re investigating gun fire and two shootings at a party.

San José Insider’s Jennifer Wadsworth has stepped up to the plate to bring this local issue to an even broader local audience in “Did Aldon Smith Get Preferential Treatment in the Gun Charges Investigation.”

Many of the Sheriff’s supporting media sources have backed away from this story… from the Patch.com sites covering contract cities to the “illustrious” Mercury News which some of us are starting to believe is run by some one who may be owned by the Sheriff so sparse is their coverage of anything that happens in the law enforcement community of the county…good, bad or indifferent.

Share this post, share Jennifer’s SJI story and if you feel so inclined, thank her for being one of the few here locally to willingly step up and do the job of what many feel is the “Fourth House” of our government, the House which was given the protection of our Constitution in order to keep us better informed of the actions (or inactions) of our government officials.

The refusal of the Sheriff to comment on what she said during an interview with NBC should not be nearly enough reason to refuse to cover her ethical failures in this case.


4 thoughts on “Local Traction — Doesn’t our 4th House Care in Santa Clara County

  1. I spoke with Laurie on June 25th before I was on duty and she told me something that has stood out in my mind ever since in our twenty minute talk that night. She said, “The Mercury News and the Metro love me and I can’t do anything wrong with them!”

    I felt like I was in Elementary School with a Bully and as she spoke her Captain, Lieutenant and Asst. Sheriff sat next to us and looked in disbelief as she talked to me this way. She was upset because we were waiting for our vote to endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff in the 2014 race and she told me, “Why would you vote for him? I don’t lose, stop the vote!” I told her I will not do that and then she called our people, “You guys are Soviet Union Jackboot thugs of the Soviet war era!

    No more standing down to bullies!!!!!!


  2. Hey CT, I know this is going back a little bit but the word on the street is the 4th floor is calling in every deputy/sergeant who was on the “box of rocks” email. Apparently they are trying damage control yet the man who wrote the email hasn’t apologized to anyone or attempted to make it right.

    The consensus is the fourth floor continues to lie which leaves nothing but a horrid tastes in all of our mouths. There is very little honor at the top and everyone who works at the sheriff’s office knows it!

    Also it appears they are wasting tax payers money investigating rumors and childish bullshit instead of focusing on making the sheriffs office a better agency which would directly impact the community in a positive way.


    • American, are you talking about the negative Sgt. promotion email. I think they are angry or trying to intimidate those who are part of the complaint. I have heard they refused to provide all emails requested by the DSA attorney.


  3. Casey, as always, you are spot on and on point. I truly believe the wheels are finally going to come of the Laurie Smith band wagon. Please do not let up! Keep the truth flowing like the Colorado River making the Grand Canyon possible.


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