Support Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014

Remember why we’re doing this… We can’t change things without letting people know why we want Kevin Jensen for Sheriff and supporting him in every way we can to get the word out.  They need to know that law enforcement supports change and change comes by the name of Kevin Jensen.

Have you liked Kevin Jensen’s Facebook page yet?  Like it… and SHARE it.

Have you visited Kevin Jensen’s webpage yet?  Learn more about your candidate so you can tell others why he’s qualified.

Can you give Kevin Jensen a donation?  Remember, you can give up to $99 without your name being made public and you can give up to $1000 total per person.  If you don’t want to make a donation via web, get in touch with Kevin Jensen’s campaign to find out when and where you can pick up donation envelopes.

Can you donate your time to Kevin Jensen’s campaign?  We realize times are tight for everyone.  Your time is a valuable commodity to getting the word out about Kevin as the best candidate for the job.  Please consider helping out.

There are many things you can do to support the campaign. Things as small as sharing or tweeting this post or as big as organizing an event where Kevin can speak to voters and raise funds.

Get involved, this is how America runs! We’re all counting on you to be the grassroots of this campaign.

PS – while we’re talking VOTE FOR YOUR DSA REPRESENTATIVES.  Last information I have is that about 40% of you have voted.  Unacceptable!  We’re aiming for 80% or better (do we dare hope 100%?) voting in this election.  Don’t pass up on your opportunity to have a say in the direction of the DSA for the next two, very, very important years.  It’s in your email… go there, now.