Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Core Values Mission Statement

The below listed core values are stated to be the standard the Sheriff expects her office to meet and exceed as their mission. Posted on her site, they appear to have been last updated March of 2012.

If the breaking news last night about Aldon Smith’s treatment by the Sheriff did nothing else, it shows the Sheriff needs a serious refresher on her own stated core values.

Kevin Jensen has proven through his years of service that he believes in all of the core values and strives to meet them and lead by example, avoiding “do as I say, not as I do” style tactics. It’s time to work towards changing the face of the office to one far less angry about being held to an ethical standard than the face we saw last night on the news.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the preservation of public safety by providing innovative and progressive service in partnership with the community.

Core Values

  • Our principal mission is protection of life and property
  • Our employees are our most valued asset
  • We strive to maintain the highest level of public trust
  • We demand the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  • We value community partnerships
  • We treat each other, and the community, with dignity and respect
  • We recognize diversity as a strength
  • We value personal and professional growth through education and training
  • We recognize the importance of investing in the future of our community’s children
  • We recognize the importance of fiscal responsibility through performance-based management.

The Sheriff also has a copy of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics posted to her site as adopted by the state some years ago. A code that all sworn peace officers of any worth strive to follow. For more information on that, please visit The Phantom’s blog where he has already addressed the values and history behind this code and the Sheriff’s open disregard for everything stated within it.


One thought on “Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Core Values Mission Statement

  1. Try as I might, I fight myself to keep my rage in check at how far the Department that I love has strayed off course due to our (lack of) leadership. On the NBC 11 interview 1A1 did, it was a classic bit of video that should be used in a number of training classes. All of which would use 1A1 to exemplify the “tell” signs of a lair. From the rapid eye movement and eye flutter, tense, mechanical head fidgeting/jerking, angrily squawking out her terse verbiage. Least we forget her incongruence, that great head nodding tell…

    Either a great video for the Bureau, Classification, Field Interrogation, working a deck in the jail or specialized unit. (Scratch the last, she gutted most of those)

    And the big finish, why does’t the staff bring our concerns to her… I know that has been addressed many times here so pardon my need to be redundant, the mighty Queen of Hearts (as in Alice in Wonderland) would simply give the command to her fevered underlings, “Off with their heads”

    ps. When Jerry Rice, Ricky Waters and Jeff Garcia were at the Main Jail for their individual mistakes (all 49’ers) and all did their 5 hour minimum stay, why was this different with Aldon Smith? Maybe they haven’t donated time at SOB fundraisers?


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