Aldon Smith is a Symptom, Not the Problem

NBC11 Video:  Did Aldon Smith Receive Special Treatment

Aldon is a symptom, the Sheriff sums up the problem in her final, angry question in response to her staff believing there is a conflict of interest for their office in this story… “Then why aren’t they coming to me?”

Sheriff, your lack of understanding that there is a conflict of interest here, after being in law enforcement for how many decades now, having been “Top Cop” now for how many of those years is downright disturbing.  Your inability to grasp, at least publicly, that there is at the very least the appearance of wrongdoing here, alone should disqualify you for this next election.  That you don’t have the moral compass to at least clear up the investigation before cozying up to a celebrity should certainly make the public look twice at what they have in office.

Yes, the whole incident might be a minor offense overall that many will brush off.  But your reaction to situation, your inability to even grasp that there are people out there that raise an eyebrow to this is very, very telling indeed.

Poor Aldon, “he’s a victim.”  Yes, he is.  And quite frankly I ask myself why the Sheriff didn’t address the simplest solution with Aldon Smith, a victim, when it was determined the guns were purchased legally but transported to CA without alternations that would make them legal here.  The best guess I can come up with for not going with the simplest solution is the simplest solution may not have provided leverage to get a celebrity to the range day event for the SAB to dance like a puppet for SAB members.  The simplest solution would have been above-board: address making the weapons CA legal, address the issue with the DA up front that the guns were found, were transported unknowingly into a zone where they were illegal and the owner is making the changes immediately to rectify the situation.  Make clear to the DA that none of the guns were involved in the incident according to forensics.  Clear your “victim” in this situation to the best of your ability.  The whole thing probably would have just gone away… for Aldon, for the DA, for you and for us and gee, you could have probably had your party and no one would have batted an eyelash until you’re cornered explaining how many hours you’ve put on the helicopter for all these SAB events you have.

Now a kid, and he is a kid, is being drug through the mud, clearly may be facing a substance addiction problem, is dealing with the bad decisions of his own and the affect it could have on his career and now, thanks to your “generosity,” is burdened with the fallout of a Sheriff who just wanted to get a moment of grand entertainment for her well-heeled friends… in exchange for what, I wonder.

Yes, Sheriff, this may have been a bad decision for you.  You may even have been able to brush this single incident off.  But increasingly as I dig through your office and talk to more and more people, your time in office has been laden with bad decisions – bad decisions about Aldon, bad decisions about Audrie Pott, bad decisions about De Anza, bad decisions about promotions… even now bringing back a former 4th floor resident who was quietly allowed to walk out the door before you started an internal investigation into sexual harassment complaints so he could keep his retirement — some people were even allowed to believe he was actually fired when he wasn’t.  He was outright racist, misogynistic and crude in a very public manner, yet in another of your brilliantly bad decisions, promoted nearly to the top of your organization.  Yes, another really bad decision that is currently starting the climb to re-visit you on the 4th floor.

We can forgive bad decisions Sheriff, but we can not forget them. Not in law enforcement.  Law enforcement careers revolve around examining incidents for bad decisions and learning to avoid them to the best of our ability to make us safer.  We can’t forget your bad decisions, not when you are leaving a trail of lives that are negatively impacted… yes, victims of your bad decisions, when you’re supposed to be helping victims by being their advocate in the investigation to seek justice.  You are right, Aldon Smith is the victim here, much of it because of his own bad decisions, yes; unfortunately now he also has to bear the public brunt of your bad decisions as well.  That is unacceptable.

Do us all a favor, finish out this term, clean up your mess as best you can and step down.  I won’t give up, I won’t stop talking to your deputies, I won’t stop encouraging them to speak to the public, I won’t stop being their mouthpiece and I will do everything I can to convince them to do the right thing in talking to voters and in the voting booth themselves for those who have that opportunity.

And Sheriff, to answer the question you asked at the end of the video, to be perfectly blunt, they’re not coming to you because IF you listen, IF you hear what they have to say about your actions, they will be punished.  They know their career will be put on hold, they know they may end up assigned to a closet somewhere at best… at worst, on the beach for 6 or 8 months wondering and stressing about if you’re going to fire them for whatever minor, miscellaneous bad decision they made that in no way reaches to the level of your bad decisions.  That’s why, Sheriff.  But you know that, don’t you?


5 thoughts on “Aldon Smith is a Symptom, Not the Problem

  1. Take a good long look at the entire “Contractor” list. It should be titled “Cronyism” list. Or better still, “Henchmen” list. A sexist “motorcycle enthusiast” returning for another fourth floor tour. Even a former DOC IA investigator that was removed from DOC IA for questionable investigative skills, including intimidating witnesses and leading them.

    I am very positive that 1A1 will get the quality of work out of these individuals that she expects. After all, who better to work backgrounds than her most ethically challenged cronies. They will be great judges on the morales and character of those attempting to join our ranks.

    I can just hear that distinctive voice now…. “Hey, check out the rack on that little number…”


  2. Great article, talk about an all around conflict of interest. The judge won’t touch this case with a 10 foot pole. You had the guy in for an event while under investigation. Seems you had no intent of bringing charges until a law suit came about bringing attention. And as Casey stated; all of this could have so easily been avoided.


  3. The Sheriff’s arrogance is disturbing. She and her administration will punish staff for the mere appearance of impropriety. She got caught!! Look at her anger when that reporter had the stones to question her. Oh yea, your staff would feel comfortable bringing issues to your attention…NOT…


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