End of Week Clean up

Guest Bloggers
The poll is done for guest bloggers and it looks like we’re going to try and see if we can get some of you to talk to us.  Those who are interested, email me at casey.thomas.reporting@gmail.com with a brief outline of what you would like to blog about.  You will be able to remain anonymous on your posts if you wish or you can use your name.  You will be provided a contributor logon to set up as you will.

I will retain editorial control, however all opinions are welcome to the floor. More to be discussed off-line with those who respond.  Please give me through next week to get back to you as I have a very busy weekend planned and may not get to it this weekend.

New Faces?
It’s being said that old faces are new again around the office and some of the Sheriff’s old friends are back or will be back as “extra help” for the office.   Be sure to make these treasured old friends feel welcome if you see them around.

Heads up people, be careful of what you print out.  I’ve been told that it is being looked into who printed certain documents that have appeared on my blog.  Don’t print anything out, that’s the first place the witch hunts gather to begin their march.

DSA Vote Percentages “Inaccurate”
There is some one on my blog pointing out how the DSA vote for endorsement is “inaccurate” because the entire body of the DSA did not vote.  Just to rehash old crap because it’s fun… about 60% of the DSA body voted this time, vs 36% last time.  So he is right, the entire body didn’t vote.  But his claim the vote is “inaccurate” is laughable considering the Sheriff in the last endorsement vote in 2010 happily took a third of the body’s vote and called it the entire DSA and said that the 25% of the entire body that did vote for her was “overwhelming” support for her campaign.

Here’s a couple hard facts. While Jensen did get 90.4% of the vote of those that voted, he also received the votes of around 52% of the entire eligible voting body, voting or not.  He has still won the popular vote any way you count, whereas, back in 2010, the Sheriff held down 25% of the vote of the entire eligible body at that time.  If she considered that “overwhelming” support, then she must be respectful of the support that Kevin Jensen has received in this vote.  And yes, she absolutely was on the ballot for this most recent vote.  And while she did not get/take an opportunity to talk to the DSA, neither did Kevin Jensen.  Both parties have had fair opportunity to make their case in their actions over the years.

Oh and a last thought on these numbers…. I believe Calderon last time got nearly 3 times as many votes as the Sheriff did this time.  Just to give you a perspective from that angle as well.

Don’t like the fact the entire body didn’t get a say?  Well actually they did.  40% of the body decided that they didn’t want to use their voice and instead chose to allow the decision of the majority who did vote stand.  Though I will point out, even if every one of those 40% voted for Sheriff Smith, Kevin Jensen still held ~52% of the entire body’s vote.  So be it.  If you want a voice, vote.  Which is why the get out the vote effort is so important… even more important when it comes to the DSA representing you.  So instead of whining about the endorsement vote, if you weren’t happy about it, don’t pass on your vote again.  It’s in your email now and you’re already on-line reading this.

(The above is based on the numbers provided to me by several sources, both this endorsement vote and last, and may vary slightly if some of the provided numbers are slightly inaccurate.)

Stop and Think
The last thing I want to happen with this blog is for you to hurt each other making accusations and rampant inaccurate speculation.  Stop.  Unless you have proof of who I am or who commenters are, do not accuse anyone.  Please do not put a target on the backs of your fellow workers.  It’s not fair and again, in the case I’ve been notified of, you have falsely accused some one and are causing them difficulty.  If we’re all here because we’re afraid of being falsely accused and targeted by the administration, why are we doing the same thing to each other over this blog?  My goal is to unite an effort to incite change, not for you to cause each other trouble.

I was asked to post the following.  In closing, treat each other better, when you’re at work you may have no choice but to rely on each other, so act like that means something.  Keep your speculations to yourself, consider how you would feel with that target on your back before you share your accusations.

Mr. Thomas please post this ASAP:  My name is Nate Davis. For those of you that know me you know that I am not afraid to speak my mind. I do not need to hide behind a pen name.   Yes I read Casey Thomas’s posts just like the majority of the department. I have been accused of being several people on this blog.  It’s been funny up until today but after a recent post I think it’s time to clear the air. I am Nate Davis, nobody else.  Please keep my name out of it.


5 thoughts on “End of Week Clean up

  1. I find the new hires list very interesting…. A former Assistant Sheriff and two captains back as contractors? Does the queen ant need more soldier ants to collect the honey on tax payers dollars? Something smells fishy….


    • When I heard about this I initially thought it was just more rumor mill gossip. I can’t believe (actually I guess I can) the Sheriff would hire back former admin (who are currently collecting their retirements) and pay them even more money! Aren’t we in a budget crisis?

      Yet another example of the kinds of gross mis-management we experience at this department. This is a great example of, “what’s the Sheriff ever done to you.” What she’s doing is bringing in “contractors” who were some of the more difficult admin we’ve dealt with and paying THEM instead of either hiring new employees or placing current employees into a new position (what exactly are they gonna be doing?). Shouldn’t/couldn’t this money be spent on…oh I don’t know….bringing our patrol fleet up to date or fixing our so called computers in the cars? Just a thought and I’m sure others could provide even more ideas to spend the money on.

      The other issue I see is as a “contractor” they are not held to the same standards (ie our GO’s) as other employees. Sounds like someone is building a private “army” to do god knows what??? I guess it’s stay tuned for where the hammers gonna fall…..

      On another note. I’d like to apologize for my inappropriate comments towards some of my colleagues. It must be my Irish temper 😉

      I’ll stay focused on our common goal.


    • And a former Assistant Sheriff that was blatantly misogynistic (hates women) and regularly said completely offensive things with impunity. He said things that would have (and did) get others disciplined but he was promoted instead.


      • Ah….sweet naïveté. You must not have been around too long. A general rule of thumb in this office is to get a gold stripe down your leg, you must display what you are WILLING to do. On the television programme The Sopranos, Tony is a sociopath. The rules in Tony’s world are decided by him for his benefit. Sound familiar?


  2. Something I think may be being overlooked…. The fourth floor is crawling with unchecked narcissism. Read the minutes of the admin meetings. If they are spoken of in high regard they assume their wisdom is being recognized. If they are being badmouthed others are intimidated by their lofty position and power. The focus MUST be on work we can do as an organization to get Kevin Jensen elected and the positives he brings. The focus cannot be on the narcissists, they crave the attention, starve the beast.

    As for the comment regarding behaving like MEN. In the 90’s these issues would have been solved in the parking lot, not on an anonymous message board. There has not been a post by “the phantom” recently and I can’t help but assume instead of dropping embarrassing stories of days gone by, he does not want to associate himself with what is going on here.

    The external cues of muscles and tattoos and a gun on your hip don’t make you a man. Do you base your masculinity on how compassionate administrators are toward you? How about some bravery, sacrifice, and stoicism. The 4th floor doesn’t want alpha males. So beta males will have to do. Stop the anonymous bickering and let’s get this done.


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