Bullying the Vote

I’ve been informed now over the past couple months of incidents where people are  being bullied into stating their allegiance in the upcoming election for sheriff.  I have been told of several incidents now involving 3 specific sheriff’s shills confronting people demanding to know who they support or who they will vote for.  The first time I heard this I thought it was an isolated incident.  It appears at this point, it could be becoming office practice.  Now to be fair, I was not present for any of these incidents, therefore I won’t mention names, but each incident has come to me through individual, independent sources from who have proven their credibility to me on other matters.

I don’t want to talk about the bullies anyway.  They are clearly in the wrong profession if they’re participating in that kind of activity and should probably never have been let loose on an unsuspecting public in a uniform. I know the reputation at least two of the three people have and it’s not impressive.  Only the weak bully and as adults, we know this in a way we didn’t understand as children when we saw these people in action.

I want to talk to you about how to react to them.

Your vote has the ultimate right to privacy. You do not have to state who you will support to anyone other than the polling machine you stand in front of as you vote.  Make this clear to anyone who feels that they can intimidate you into publicly pressing yourself into something you don’t want to do.

I know a lot of people are afraid to publicly stand up.  If you feel you must state you’ll support the current sheriff despite your misgivings, do so remembering that you in no way have to back up that “endorsement” with any kind of action – not a yard sign, not a phone call and certainly not a vote.

If you aren’t afraid to speak up (she can’t get all of us, right?) make clear that you will support whomever you wish and that you don’t appreciate campaign practices like this while in uniform on duty.

If you’re really bold… tell them you support Kevin Jensen and exactly why you don’t support the Sheriff.

You should contact your DSA or CPOA and let them know that this is happening, who the offender was, day and time of incident… etc., etc.  You know how it works.

This kind of voter intimidation appears to be a legal gray area compared to voter intimidation at the polls intended to drive people away from the polls.  While this kind of behavior may not be blatantly illegal (other than the intentional and blatant political campaigning on duty), you have to wonder at the ethics of any elected official or her supporters that would conduct this type of internal campaign.

Be better than them, expect better than them from yourself and those around you.  Respect is earned, don’t let anyone demand it from you if they don’t deserve it.


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  1. This is devolving pretty damn quickly. I’m pretty sure I know who some of you posters are and I am disappointed and ashamed that you have chosen to behave in this matter. This election is about dethroning Laurie and ridding ourselves of her minions. As sure as I am Neusellini and Box of Rocks are infuriated that their behaviour is being exposed, infighting amongst ourselves will only bring smiles to their faces and delegitimize Casey’s work. Pull yourselves together and act like MEN. Frankly it is embarrassing.


    • You’re right. I apologize for my behavior. I do want to point out that “who” I’ve been accused of is in fact not the case. Maybe after this is done, I’ll identify myself. Until then……


  2. I’m glad we’re all on the same page. I was told by friends of the 2 out of the 3 DSA president’s nominees and Tracey is not one of the two. That a certain Lt and a Deputy, while on duty and on different occasions asked the 2 nominees why were they running against their boy. If that’s not intimidation, I don’t know what is. I know your probably thinking both of the two nominees have type A personalities and been on SERT, done this and done that. How can they be intimidated so easily. I’m not talking about fear intimidation. I’m talking about the fear of not getting Court overtime. Its the type of intimidation hits them in their pockets. It affects their play money. Just remember, your vote is yours to do whatever you want with. So I am asking everyone who feels intimidated or been intimidated on how to vote, or what side you’re on. Tell them to go pound salt and report it to Internal Affairs Department.

    On another note, There is some misinformation that’s going around and I would like to try and clarify. The DSA emailed and telling everyone, that all of the membership voted and below were the results.

    Those are not accurate numbers. Approximately half of the membership voted on whether to support or I should say finance Kevin Jensen’s campaign. We have 401 voting members. Do the math.

    I’m not going to provide you with any numbers. First of all, I don’t have the accurate numbers and secondly, I want all of the members to find out for themselves.

    So please don’t believe the numbers below is representing all of the membership. Remember, only about half of the membership voted.

    So maybe the DSA board can actually provide the accurate numbers and percentage for the total membership and not just the ones that only voted.

    Kevin Jensen – 90.4%
    Abstain – 5%
    Smith – 4.6%

    One more note, it’s related to voting and privacy. I heard that on the last counting of the votes, a certain Deputy not part of the DSA board but a supporter, saw and kept tally on who voted for Sheriff Smith and told all of his friends or alleged friends. Abviously, they told me! So what I’m recommending and should be motioned in on the next meeting to disallow that certain Deputy from participating in the count or anything to do with the votes.




    • Welcome back. I was wondering how long til you posted again. South County responsibilities must’ve died down enough in order for you to respond.

      I agree with you that both Morissey & Jensen have “type A” personalities. There’s nothing wrong with that and I think those types of people make better cops, you know….less submissive and all that (btw, I’m guessing your not this type? That’s ok, we need orhers like you too). On your other observation re: both of their time in SERT. I’d like to make a correction or rather a clarification. Yes, They were both on SERT, but I’m not sure JJ’s brief time on the team before being kicked off for immaturity and his poor attitude would really count as being “On” the team. Just a thought. It goes to who’s got the most experience do I thought it worth mentioning.

      On to your other points. I must say, I find myself anxiously awaiting your posts for the sheer humor of it all.

      You say how the DSA again provided false & inaccurate information. In the very next paragraph you go onto say that your not going to provide any actual numbers because…..wait for it…..you don’t HAVE the accurate numbers??????


      You then go on to say “do the math”. Well not only do you speak off the cuff with only half truths and mis-information, but apparently you never took a math class above Algebra. If you had then you’d know there’s this subject called Statistics. Maybe you’ve heard of it? No? Well it deals with things like “Sample Sizes” and “Standard Deviations”. The funny thing is, if your sample size IS large enough and it IS within your level of standard deviation (usually around + or – 5% depending upon your sample size) then it’s no longer just a random number but becomes a statistical FACT!!

      Thanks for playing though. I look forward to your next thread of “insight”.

      Oh, and yes. I got your veiled “dig” at your favorite Lt. Nice way to work it in, again.


      • Again, you misunderstood my point. But that’s okay. Your favorite Lt. must be letting you run your own program down in the tunnels. But I am going to stop there. You quickly go on the offensive. I was merely stating that no one has to suffer any intimidation. And if we don’t agree in our political views, that’s okay. We could still be civil to each other. And we all have skeletons. I remember you leaving P&T rather quickly. And you accuse JJ of being childish and immature. I am surprised!!! I know more about this great department than you’ll ever going to learn. Again, I’m going to stop here, because I refuse to stoop to your level. I want to keep this as professional as I can. It wasn’t a jab at your favorite Lt. I’m posting what I heard. I apologize if you think I was aiming it at you or your favorite Lt. As CT stated, it’s open to everyone to share their views.




        • We can argue all day about the numbers…. I have taken a few statistics classes myself but at the end of the day the s/o needs help and I believe Kevin Jensen is the answer. He would be a positive improvement for everyone commenting on this blog!

          We need to stop fighting among ourselves and work on making our office a better place to work.


          • I totally agree we need to stop fighting and continue to make this place a great department. But you still didn’t answer the question about the numbers. Since you self-proclaimed to be statistically savvy. Maybe you can shed some light into those numbers.


    • I was one of the Deputies asked to count ballot results for the DSA endorsement for Sheriff. I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but not only did the Deputies tasked with counting the ballots not have the ability to see who voted for who, there was not a single person in the room taking notes or keeping track of anything. I did not take your comment as an accusation and it is a valid concern. Those if us who were present will all tell you we do not know who voted for who.


        • The last election (Calderone v. Smith) there were many people who spoke out they were afraid to vote as they knew their names would be associated to their vote. The DSA board assured everyone at the meeting of the process of how votes were counted. There were still rumblings of names matched to ballots. I stood up and told everyone at that meeting that I would go to the DSA Board ballot count as an observer and watch to be sure there would be no matching names to ballots and if there was any such activity I would be very vocal. I can assure everyone the last election ballot count was done fair and names were not matched to ballots.

          Fast forward to this years count. I was asked this year to be a part of the ballot count. I along with other DSA members conducted the count. There was an outside observer from an outside agency association who stood by to watch the process and make sure there were no comparisons as I had done the previous election count. I can assure you there were no comparisons made. The process is simple. The sealed, signed envelope is compared to the DSA membership list. The envelope is verified that the name and badge number is an actual member. The envelope is then handed to another counter and the envelope is opened and the ballots handed to yet another individual. The ballots were placed in one pile and the envelopes were placed into a second pile. We made certain that the paper ballots were not duplicated or the member named did not show for the electronic vote. NO DUPLICATES. We even went as far as a shuffle of both piles before any count to show that no one was being compared to the written ballot.

          As for the electronic ballot. The votes submitted were not on a single line adjoining the name. So comparing electronic ballots to names.. DID NOT HAPPEN.

          Once the ballots were counted, I had the totals. I am the one who made the phone call to the DSA President and advised him of the numbers. Never once did I tell any non-authorized member or non-member of the DSA the count. Ask the gentlemen who closely work with me if I ever told them the numbers. They will tell you, I did not.

          So to say that there was an individual who kept track of the votes and the names of who voted for who is utterly false. If you would like to take the time to speak with me about “counting and telling.” I am open for a cup of coffee to answer your questions.


            • Unhappy, thank you for giving me some credit and I would be happy to even buy the cup of coffee, as long as it is not something that would require a mortgage to purchase. (no frothy double soy latte’s or the like)

              I am trying to get the exact numbers of how many voted and if and when I get the exact numbers I will post the numbers. I can say currently we have 410 voting members of the DSA and what I recall we had over half of the voting membership cast a ballot. The most votes cast during any recent polls of our DSA. (maybe the history?)

              Our DSA runs voting in the same manner as the Registrar of Voters. There is a list of voters (DSA members) and when the ballots come in the ballots are compared to this list. (Just like the four of us did behind closed doors) The voters name is then shown as casting a vote. The DSA maintains the information as to who votes and who does not vote. This is information that any DSA member may go to the DSA Office and request to review. In essence, if a DSA member votes they are listed as having voted or if they did not vote it is shown and this information will be saved. So, any DSA member may check on who votes and who does not vote, not who the member voted for.

              Now, onto that one or two of the four who counted did something against the members privacy (breaking trust) by saying who voted or did not vote would be a moot point in that if a member did vote or did not vote it is on record, as any member can learn who votes or does not vote, simply by going to the DSA office and reviewing the information. DSA members should take the time to review the information, if they desire, to see who is involved and who is not with the DSA.

              I want to make it very clear to all that NO NAMES were taken and there were no comparisons of names to votes cast for candidates.

              I can say I remember some of the names of people who voted, but can’t tell you how they voted, just that they voted. I can also recall some of the names of the people who did not vote. I guess I could then say that “deputy ### did not vote for ###” and be speaking the truth. Or maybe be having a debate with an individual about the DSA and the need to vote and call-out the other person with whom I’m debating that they did not vote, so they have no standing in making comments about the need for change. The information is at the DSA Office and anyone DSA member can review it.

              I can say that I have not always cast a ballot, but have tried to be involved more than not. Please, review the DSA records I was hired in 2002 and feel free to post how many votes I have cast.

              I support the “accused” deputy here without reservation, a second thought or the need to reflect. This person has proven to me that they are honorable, forthright and a solid hardworking individual. They have proven to me that no matter the outcome of how all of this pans out, they will continue to represent this office with a positive attitude and unsullied career. Actually, I support each of the individuals who went behind the closed door to count the votes as we each knew that we may potential be labeled and scrutinized.

              So once again NO NAMES were taken down.


  3. How can you say the DSA is in need of guidance and leadership, but be an advocate for a candidate who has been a part of it during the same period of time you must be referring to? I’m starting to think that Orwell’s 1984 is required reading around here.


    • Yeah, ya think? Maybe something will be done…….hahahaha!!! I just couldn’t resist.

      Same ol story, same sorry players.


      • Being a little guy, I learned a lot from sub zero. The Sheriff is special and you get smarter as you promote. Sub Zero, did Morrisey make fun of you when you weren’t as smart? Your obvious disdain for him is telling.
        As far as the DSA elections, the entire panel is qualified and I am sure willing to represent the membership. I am pleased the membership elected to support KJ. Being a Captain, he also has become smarter, although probably not as smart as a Sergeant who produces a promise from a Sheriff candidate written on a bar napkin.
        That Sergeant became smart REAL fast as she was promoted from Sergeant directly to Undersheriff.
        Oh well, intelligence is measured differently to us little people.


        • Casey I am not surprised that you are condoning the type of blatant and outrageous disrespect being posted in regards to your blog. Can’t remember who it was or maybe it’s not worth scrolling back up to read, someone discussed ethics earlier. Little guy, who are you and what kind of ethics are you displaying when you refer to rumors that are so unreal it appears not only are you a little guy but an irrational guy.

          Ladies and Gentelman of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office don’t get pulled Into unethical and unrealistic gossip.

          And of course please vote for the DSA election. It needs guidance and leadership that it’s been lacking for some time.


          • People are entitled to their opinions. I let you espouse your position, which was very disrespectful to some in my opinion, why would I disallow someone else’s? I don’t have to agree with nor do I have to prove what other people say here. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to say it.

            Be clear, I’m providing an open forum for people to say what they have to say because they are unable or not allowed to say it elsewhere. In some cases, outright fearful to even point out a flaw within the office. Your attitude here has exhibited why they feel that way.

            If you have a problem with people being diametrically opposed to your position and take offense, which you do seem to do, you may not want to read my blog or the messages and should certainly reconsider future posts due the fact some one will likely respond.

            However, I won’t block your, or anyone’s, messages as long as conversation is kept at an adult level. You’ve made the choice to make comments. Your comments, like everyone elses, including mine are subject to criticism. All of it subjective, some of it constructive and some of it utterly useless other than it is an opportunity for some one to safely vent in a place so people can see how fast this office is failing in their opinion.

            I think it’s immensely ironic that you demand to know who “Little Guy” is yet come in under the name of a character from a video game. Really? There is one standard here, don’t try to mandate a second standard for yourself.


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