The Hubris of Entitlement, Money and Elections (Updated)

“This is my last attempt to reach out and clear the record and repair the damage [the CPOA] has already absorbed.  Let me be clear, I am in a very strong political position based on recent political polling and the analysis of professionals.”
— Sheriff Laurie Smith, Letter to SCCCPOA, June 25, 2013

“…I have tremendous empathy for an individual who was badly advised and had to spend their own personal or retirement money based on representations from individuals that I was “politically vulnerable.”
— Sheriff Laurie Smith, Letter to the SCCDSA, June 25, 2013

Elections are hard.  Elections these days when you are running against a candidate backed by wealthy people who enjoy parties at your range, riding in your helicopter and who knows what political favors are even harder.

A person shouldn’t win an election based on money, but clearly from what we see above, the Sheriff believes that and a bit of bullying is all that is needed for her to win, regardless of how unprofessionally she has run the Sheriff’s Office.  The above quotes are from two letters that I received with a litany of demands and ugly comments made by the Sheriff to both these organizations just prior to their endorsement votes.

This is not the time for deliberate indifference, people!  This is the fight between a future of relative peace and security for 40+ hours of your week (which we all know your work attitude will spill over into your home attitude) vs. a future of keeping your head down and hoping no one notices you still have your ethical standards intact and therefore are perceived as a menace or worse, force you into a position where you are forced into the choice of either your job or your ethical standards.  How do you want to live out the next four years and beyond?

It’s come to my attention that Kevin Jensen is in need of financial support to fight against a wave of people who seem to believe that they can buy a candidate and a candidate that believes this qualifies her as the best candidate because it’s gotten her elected before.  A candidate who is called “popular” because she rides a wave of money back into office regardless of the job she does.  That’ not popular.

Not only will it take money to run this campaign, but just as importantly to be prepared to respond to the ugly, last minute surprises like she threw at the candidate during the last election.  Crap… as the Daily Fetch would say… literally, now who’s known for not telling the truth?

During the joint news conference where the DSA and CPOA announced their endorsements of Kevin Jensen by calling Sheriff Smith a bully looks to possibly be based, at least in part, on these two stunning letters.  It’s time to take to heart the values of this candidate and all the ways she’s shown her disregard and disdain for those who work for her and do something about it.

You can donate up to $99 anonymously; you can donate more, but you will have to publicly put your name to the check.  You and each of your family member can donate up to $500 a piece. Please see below update. You can dedicate time to Kevin Jensen’s campaign if you can’t offer money.  Reaching out by phone and in person to others is just as important as money.

Please recognize that a candidate unfortunately these days has these types of barriers to overcome.  Reach out to family, friends and neighbors to do what they can to overcome a seriously financially imbalanced election.

(you can also donate offline or by mail to the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014 Campaign)


And there is always SCC Keystone Cops gear — I will be making the first, small, but important donation next month from this effort, thank you everyone who made purchases towards this effort — I will also try to diversity products there over the weekend.

Remember you’re not limited to any one of the above.  Indulge in 2 or even all 3 options to support change for better by helping Kevin Jensen get elected.

For more information on how to donate or volunteer, please refer to your DSA email sent out August 9th or contact your DSA, CPOA or the Kevin Jensen Campaign directly.

I was kindly forwarded the following information.  My above information regarding donations was inaccurate:

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 2:46 PM
Subject: Santa Clara County campaign contribution limit increase / Upcoming Jensen for Sheriff event

Dear DSA Member,

    On August 27, 2013, the Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance No. NS-19.40, which increases the maximum contribution to a political campaign from $500 to $1000.  This ordinance will take affect after September 27, 2013.

    Please share this information with anyone you know has already contributed or is considering contributing to the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff campaign.  Any contributions over $500 may not be accepted by the Kevin Jensen for Sheriff campaign until after the September 27th date.

     Kevin Jensen’s official candidacy announcement event is just around the corner, September 24.  If you plan on attending, you must RSVP as stated in the announcement.  For those attending, the board is asking for business casual dress; suit jacket or button up shirt and slacks for the gentlemen and suit or dress for the ladies.

– DSA Board –