A Bit of a Ramble and a Point on Ethics

First off, I wanted to let people know that I have made the “Welcome” post to the Daily Fetch visitors a sticky post and it will be the top post for a few days.  While I’m here to encourage you to stand tall and have your voice heard, I’m also here to try and break out of the comfort zone of the office and help the public understand why the people who work here feel it’s time for change.  So, the discomfort of scrolling down is going to persist for a few days while we’re getting hits from the outside.  😉

Second, my personal apologies go out to those I was cranky with last night.  You know who you are.  It was a long day, I was tired, and while I’m open to editorial requests, the continued request and it’s nature yanked my chain a bit while in the wrong mood.  I apologize and I will honor the request with future caveats.

Lastly, my point for this post…

Hitler’s Back Porch and the Problem of Ethics By Lt. Jim Glennon, Lombard, IL (ret.)

Calibrating the Organizations Moral Compass By Lt. Jim Glennon, Lombard, IL (ret.)

Ethical Warrior: Leadership from the Bottom Up
with Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie

Rarely does the media, or anyone for that matter, look at corruption in policing from the standard of the “Top Cop” and the administration they place around them; that the active involvement in ethics, or the complicity through neglect, or the outright practice of ethical violations can and does happen at the top and does trickle down through the ranks.  Several years ago I read an article and it stuck in my mind, mostly because I believed I was seeing the article act itself out in real life.  Ironically perhaps, the articles were part of what drove my interest in addressing the last election for Santa Clara County Sheriff.  A belief which I believe is vindicated in the current opinion the body of the Sheriff’s Office holds regarding the current office holder.  The first 2 articles above (Part 1 & Part 2 of the same subject) are those same articles.

Some one posted here that they were “disgusted” by the finger-pointing and accusations made towards those who had promoted in the office within this blog and it’s comments.  Let’s be fair, we can all be sure that there are good people who have been promoted through time.  After all, Kevin Jensen would not have the support and respect he has in within the rank and file if he wasn’t one of those good people who treated others fairly and expected integrity from himself and those he was responsible for  regardless of the impact to him from above.  Respect is earned through actions.  If you want respect, earn it.  If you simply want a promotion, you can earn that too, but we know the conflict that has increasingly been placed in that process by the current administration that nearly disallows both the earning the respect of the team as a leader and the respect of the Sheriff as one of her administration these days.  It’s an increasingly sad notation that some one gets promoted to LT, to Capt  and beyond, that there are often multiple instances that many people can openly point too where that person was the water bearer of questionable ethics from above and promoted over people who maybe didn’t “do the right thing” by the Sheriff or worse, promoted over people far more highly qualified.  More of us also know people who said the word “no” in the office in regards to certain types of requests and know better than to even consider taking a test to promote and know that they probably should wait a few years to put in for any choice assignments.  And sadly many of us have at least heard of the increasing number of “silenced” — those that have been put on indefinite suspension, left in a stressful situation for months over minor infractions to wonder if they will have a job only to be quietly brought back later.  Some one pointed out an example of the direct conflict of how some people have been treated  in that manner in my post about Institutionalized Oppression.

The other failure of “promotion by promise” is the increasing lack of experience in the administrative brain trust. We all know for a fact there is open disrespect for people who have been promoted way beyond the Peter Principle by the sheriff.  I would say the positions are filling up fast according to the definition at that link, with one division teetering on the brink of functionality and about to be pushed over the edge.

So, to the person who posted the blog is offensive in it’s intention of pointing out administrative failure, I suggest that you read the above linked articles that incited my stand against this Sheriff.  Perhaps pass them around at your next staff meeting on Monday and some of you can indulge in a little introspection, and see if any of what is described may reflect on you or others within the administrative leadership ranks.  If not, congratulations at taking your responsibility as leader seriously and I suspect you already have the respect of those below you that allows them to immediately segregate you from the perceived “norm” growing in your office.